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(The episode opens with my soul being held by the dark aura)

The villain: That woman was right, you are a fool, and about to die in your favorite anime 

Me: you sure have looked deep into my memories 

The villain: I have, which is why I think I show you my face, since I will transfer your power into my own item

Me (confused): Item?

The villain: Yes

(The screen switches to All kinds of duel monsters use their attacks and destroys copies)

Yugi: How are we going to find the enemy?

(The screen shows a dark sky)

My little soul: I sense trouble, my other soul is gone

Yugi: No way!

The Pharaoh: How long were you connected?

My little soul: Not that long, but long enough that I was able to pinpoint where our enemy is.

The Pharaoh: Where is he?

My soul: A private island off the Pacific coast.

Tea: Off the Pacific coast 

My soul: Yeah, and without my watch, we'll have to travel duel monster style

Triston: But, we might not get there in time.

Joey: wait, Kanisha, your cards are still here, could we use one of them to teleport.

My soul (eyes widened): Pharaoh, the card on the left.

(The Pharaoh grabs that card, which is when from the sky comes a ray of dark energy, all of us turn around to see Kaiba, Mokuba, and The ishtar family being consumed by dark energy)

(Joey and Triston tries to get them, but it was too late)

My soul (horrified): Mokuba, Kaiba, Marik, Ishizu, Odion, no.

The Pharaoh: We must hurry.

Yugi: What kind of card is it?

My soul: Card of transport activate

(A blue aura spreads, hits all of them, and disappears)

(The screen shows all of us appear free falling)

(My soul whistles)

(Gaia catches us)

The Pharaoh: It can sense you

My soul: Of course

Yugi: Are you sure your okay, almost your whole soul is gone?

My soul: True, so I'm sorry to say your on your own.

Tea: It's okay, we appreciate that you helped us.

Triston: We'll bring you back.

Joey: We promise.

My soul: Thanks

The villain's voice (echoes): Awww! How sweet

My soul: It's him

Yugi: Kanisha, we can handle this, you must conserve your energy

(My soul kisses Yugi on the cheek, gives a thumbs up to the Pharaoh, then disappears)

The villain: (laughs) as if you can handle me on your own. Such fools.

Tea: Your the fool, if you think we won't be able to stop you

The villain: True, I was using such weak monsters to try and defeat, well no more, I'll use my own power.

(A dark lightning nearly hit them, but Gaia dodges it)

The Pharaoh: Gaia, head towards to that building.

(Gaia flies fast)

Joey: Easy!

Yugi: We have no time to go slow, if we get hit it could be too late.

The Pharaoh: So we must fast, but swiftly

Joey: Right, I knew that.

Tea (sarcastically): Yeah, right.

(The screen shows the villain watching the heroes coming to him)

The villain: Seems I need to stop being soft

(The villain summons a dark orb and sends it to the heroes)

The villain: Goodbye Joey, Triston, and Tea. I won't to handle the Pharaoh and Yugi face to face

A person: You think that wise

The villain: Of course

(The heroes are landing on top of the building, when the dark orb comes)

Triston (dodges the orb): Watch out!

(Everybody try to dodge it)

The Pharaoh: It seems to be an orb

Yugi: What should we do?

My soul: Careful

Tea: Kanisha, you shouldn't be out

My soul: Before you rant, you must know this after Tea, Triston, and Joey

The Pharaoh: He's trying to slip us up.

Joey: Not a chance

(The dark orb turns into three monster forms)

Triston: This won't be good.

My soul: You must hurry (looks up) Look out!

(The dark orb tries to hit Tea, but my soul shield her)

Tea: Kanisha!

My soul: I'm fine, all of you go, while I hold it off

Joey: No way! If you disappear, what kind of friends would we be.

My soul: Sorry in advance 

Yugi: Kanisha, don't

(My soul releases white energy making all of them disappear with my soul left with the dark orb)

Dark orb: You don't have the strength to face me

My soul: Maybe, but I'll try.

Dark orb: Very well.

(The screen shows Yugi, The Pharaoh, Tea, Triston and Joey appear inside the building)

Tea: we have to go back 

The Pharaoh: We can't 

Triston: What?

Joey: He's right, if we do...Kanisha won't be able to return.

Tea: But…(sighs)

(They start walking, but then a sharp dark energy hits Tea, Triston, and Joey)

Joey: Didn't see that coming.

Triston: Good luck

Yugi: We can still help you

Tea (as she disappears): It's too late, defeat him.

(Tea, Triston, and Joey completely disappeared)

Yami-Akito: Such a shame

(The screen shows my soul entering a light)

(The light shows a boy who has long dark brown hair wearing a white shirt, blue short, and red shoes playing on the island with some woodland creatures, then he falls into a ditch)

The boy: Ow! What the? (Sees a shiny object) What's this (grabs the object and sees it is a crown)

(The crown gives off a dark aura)

The boy: Huh?

A voice: Finally, somebody found me

The boy (while being surrounded by dark energy): What? Who, are you?

A voice: It won't matter.

(The crown lands on the boy's head)

A voice (in the boy's body): Because now, I am you (laughs evilly)

(Flashback ends)

(My soul gets pulled back by the verge of dark energy surrounding Yami-Akito)

Yami-Akito: Such a shame, you had to see that weak memory, but it wasn't for that I wouldn't have been able to kill you 

My soul: You won't get away with this.

Yami-Akito: Don't you weaklings get tired of saying that

Yugi: Kanisha! Kanisha!

Yami-Akito: Seems two of your friends are still alive, but not for long 

My soul: Pharaoh! Yugi!

(The crown releases a dark aura and my final soul disappear)

The Pharaoh and Yugi: No, Kanisha!

My soul: It's okay

Yami-Akito: Seems her spirit was too weak.

The Pharaoh: We will restore her.

Yami-Akito: You think you can really stop me, unlike your other foes, I'm not so pathetic or pathetic.  

(Yami-Akito throws a ball of dark energy to Yugi, but it is shielded)


(The Pharaoh and Yugi see my soul protects them)

Yami-Akito: How?

The Pharaoh: Because we are her friends

Yugi: Kanisha, we will be okay for now

(My soul smiles, then takes Yugi away)

The Pharaoh: Yugi!

My soul: He'll be fine with me 

Yami-Akito: I still have her powers, so I can use it to destroy you

The Pharaoh: I doubt it

Yami-Akito: So naive

(Yami-Akito's crown and The Pharaoh's millennium puzzle powers blast each other, as the powers connect, they enter a different dimension that looks space)

Yami-Akito: Seems our powers are equal

The Pharaoh (thought): It must've done by Kanisha (smiles)

(The screen shows Yugi and my soul)

Yugi: Why did you bring me here?

My soul: Those two powers would've wiped out your soul and I wanted to do something about it

Yugi: But, if they are that powerful, the Pharaoh might have a hard time defeating Akito.

My soul: Not so, I have an idea, and you can help me

Yugi (surprised): Me

My soul: Of course (puts my hands on Yugi's face) Close your eyes

Yugi (confused): okay (closes his eyes)

(My soul kiss Yugi on his lips, then disappears)

(My soul enters a dark energy field and hits the heart)

(Yami-Akito screams, then the crown broke)

(Yami-Akito fainted)

(Yugi reappears)

The Pharaoh: Yugi 

Yugi: Kanisha did it (looks around) Where is she?

(The screen shows me by a big wall of white aura and see Aunt Cilia)

Aunt Cilia (smiled): You did it

Me (smiles): I'm sending you back home 

Aunt Cilia: I'll be waiting 

(I make the ball disappear and fall into a big light)

(Triston, Tea, Joey, the ishtar family, Mokuba, and Kaiba reappear)

(Joey, Tea, and Triston hug Yugi)

Me: How cute!

Tea: Kanisha 

(I'm revealed to be back in a white dress)

Me: I'm back

Yugi: Wait (sees the millennium puzzle around Yugi's neck)

The Pharaoh: Good job.

Me: Thanks Pharaoh 

Yugi: Uh, kanisha, we were in the other world, what did you do?

Me (winks) (one finger on her lip): It's a secret.

Akito (getting up): Am I alive

Me (smiles): You are 

Akito (jumps): I'm sorry

Me: It's okay, do you want to stay in this realm

Akito (shakes his head): No, I would like to go to the void.

Me: As you wish

Kaiba: What are you a genie?

(My eyes glows along with my body, a white aura surround Akito, then disappears with a smile on his face)

(My eyes stop glowing)

Me: It's all over, wait almost

(My body levitates from the floor and the screen shows all the clones of duel monsters disappear and turn into auras, then enters my body. My hair turn into long ponytail, wearing a pink shirt, white pants, brown shoes)

(I land on the floor)

Me: My power is back, no more passing out

Tea: That's great 

Triston: What about your Aunt Cilia?

Me: She's home

Joey: That's great

Marik: Were all those auras the clones?

Me: Yes.

The Pharaoh: So, everybody…

Me: Memories erased, so only you all know about. 

Yugi: What happens now?

Me: I have to go, my Aunt is waiting.

Yugi: Until we see each other again

Joey: Wait, how do we get back home?

Me: Since time is restored, Kaiba's plane should be fine.

Joey: Great.

(I disappeared)

(I exited out of the TV and lands in Aunt Cilia's arms)

Aunt Cilia: Thank goodness your okay.

Me: You too

Aunt Cilia: Now, you want to check out that duel disk?

Me: Are you kidding?

(I put on the duel disk)

(The episode ends with me putting a card in the duel disk with my hand on my other arm)


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