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Girls, was I wasn't into. This girl I meet what changed my perspective I see in girls too. An she was the love in my heart  that I choose to be apart. Was too scared to approach her an tell how I feel. So, I stayed away pleasured myself with friends of boys I've had lot of during the time middle school. Keeping her in my fantasies in my mind. Of when I dream, it'll be mostly about her. Dating an being married, was what was mostly evolved my mine in variety. Days an days gone by, after school on one day, I had a buddies phone number to talk an play. It was fun, even fun to hate on this one team this buddy had beef with. Beating his football team really bad eliminating them in whatever league. I wasn't that into football, so me knowing didn't know what he mean. Seahawks an Patriot's what I knew. Knowing Tom Brady huge weight, I was for sure knew what he was going to say. Madden NFL mobile was what we played. In fact, was I really played then anything else other than mortal kombat. It was the day I told my mom. She helped me out an of how to talk to girls, given me a present of my favorite treats and five dollars for the start of my process getting her. I accepted it, gave her a huge and a kiss. Went along with it out the door on the school bus awaiting my outside. Beep! Bop! Boop! What I did most of the time. Playing video games like any ordinary boy does. It was lunch time. I made my move. My heart was thundering beating fast seeing her near by in the next line with her friends too, having one lunch box in her left hand. Seems though she was just talking it up with her friends until they got there food and went to walk to there favorite table they'd always seat at. Hey, Poppy what's that for in your hand? " My friend Dakota asked. Kept looking at it smirking of what he might of think it was for. Y'all see, soon enough, I said. Stared at her for little while. Gone back to talking about boy stuff waiting for our food in the kitchen line of Middle School. To Be Continued


  • Waiting for the next part,so far so good👍

    Jun 09, 2020

  • Jun 09, 2020

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