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(The screen switches to Kanisha running through the paris) (A guitar is playing) (Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail) (Kanisha fighting a wrestler) (Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods) (Kanisha is riding a dragon) (Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground) (Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera) (The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair) (The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling) (The episode opens with Kanisha wearing a red sparkly dress in a normal teen height looking at the mirror) Kanisha (turns to Alice): What do you think? Alice (eyes widened): Beautiful (looks at Kanisha) Are you sure, making yourself tall is a good idea. Kanisha (putting on lip gloss, while looking at the mirror): This is only taking a small portion of my power. Alice: How small? Kanisha: So tense. 10% Alice (smiles): You have grown. Kanisha: Of course. (The screen switches to Kanisha walking to a restaurant and sees Jay wearing a white shirt with a black tie, black pants, and white shoes) Kanisha: Hi Jay: Sup. Kanisha: I warn you, it won't be easy to have a date with me. Jay: I know, an army of monsters are after you right. Kanisha: That's why you are my friend. Jay: Right, friend? Kanisha: Sorry I accidentally friendzoned you. Jay (smiles): It's okay, I know you don't feel the same yet. A voice: How sweet. (The screen shows Yve:a man with huge horns, red eyes, gray skin holding a trident with a bunch of monsters behind him) Yve: Take her date. Kanisha: (laughs) (makes her tail into seven chains with hooks) Try your best. Yve: Get her. (The screen shows the monsters turn into dark spirits go after Kanisha, Kanisha put her tail down and stand still as the spirits comes to her) One spirit: She is giving up Kanisha: Insult fools (smiles) (The dark spirits turn back into monsters, the screen shows slices, and the monsters disappear) (Kanisha laughs evilly and looks at the horned man, the trident melts and the man is grabbed by a giant shadow hand) The man: But, you are weak. Kanisha: (laughs) Weak (clench her fist) I guess for you demons I am at first (The screen shows The giant shadow hand drags the horned man in the darkness as Kanisha looks with an evil smile) Kanisha: So, you want to get back to our date? Jay: Uh, yeah, question, could you… Kanisha: Oh don't worry, they won't come back, I dragged them to a place of no return. Jay: Alright. Kanisha: Let's continue our date (Jay nodded) (The screen switches to Kanisha and Jay at a lake) Jay: Are we going for a swim? Kanisha (giggles): As if (points to the lake) (The water from the lake takes the forms a woman) Jay: (jaw dropped) It's...It's...It's...It's  Kanisha: Jay, I would like to introduce you to The Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake: Charmed  Jay (still stunned): Nice to meet you  The Lady of the Lake (looking at Kanisha): You kept your promise  Kanisha: Of course, you got to see my date in modern time. The Lady of the Lake (looking at Jay): He is cute. Kanisha: He is Jay (blushes) (turns around) Thank you The Lady of the Lake: And he is shy, you better take care of him Kanisha: I will. The Lady of the Lake: Good, well I have to go (turns back to water) Kanisha: Let's go Jay: How long did you know? Kanisha: About 10 years Jay (thought): Right, because of time travelling (looks at Kanisha)Kanisha's real age has changed (The screen switches to Kanisha and Jay on the dance floor at first waltzing, then Kanisha turn the music to rock and roll) (Kanisha and Jay start dancing in a crazy way, Kanisha spins Jay, Jay stops in a ballet way; Kanisha makes a black hat and wand appears, then spins the wand in the air) (Jay has a cane and spins on it) (Kanisha started to do the macarena) Jay: How did you find a place like this empty? Kanisha: Easy, it was abandoned. Jay: You cleaned all on your own  Kanisha: In a different timeline (winks) (Kanisha turn the dance floor into a ice rink, and her shoes along with Jay's into skates) (Kanisha makes a figure 8, Jay makes a figure 6, and together they make a figure 10. They take a break and eat dinner at a table by the ice rink) (The screen switches to Kanisha and Jay eating ice cream) Jay: You're going to get a brain freeze first. Kanisha: Am not. Jay: You may have your powers, but even you can get a brain freeze. Kanisha: Let's see Jay: Alright (Kanisha and Jay eat the rest of their ice creams fast, and both of their faces turn blue, then Kanisha puts her face down) Jay: I win. Kanisha: Darn it (Kanisha and Jay walk on the sidewalk holding hands and look at the full moon) Kanisha (looks at Jay): Want to stay the night at my house? Jay (surprised): Really? Kanisha (smiles): Yeah Jay: Sure (Jay and Kanisha walk into Kanisha's house) (The screen switches to morning, where Kanisha opens the door and sees two adults:  woman who has curly brown hair, wearing a blue dress and a man who has blue suit) Kanisha: How may I help you? Man: I feel it would be better if we would discuss inside. Kanisha: Sure (opens the door all the way) (The screen switches to Kanisha in her living room with the man and woman) Woman: (sips some tea) (puts the cup down) We want you to stay away from our son. Kanisha: And why should I? Man: Surely, you must know of the danger you bring around you. Kanisha: But, they don't attack me all the time, besides Jay will still want to see me Man: We will handle Jay. Kanisha: Selfish parents  Woman (looking angry): Pardon? Kanisha: Trying to protect your child is one thing, but forcing him to do something you have no control is wrong Woman: We have total control, he's our son. Jay (sleepily) (stretching his arm): What's all the arguing about? Woman: Jay, why are you here? Jay: I texted you I was staying here (kisses Kanisha on her cheek) Morning Man: Jay, why do you like her? Jay (seeing Kanisha drinking tea): Because she is kind, tough, caring, and imaginative; she's great Kanisha: I appreciate it, but it's no good, they don't care Man: Stop reading our minds Kanisha: I was reading your future, not your minds (takes another sip) Woman: We're going (grabs Jay's hand) Come on Jay: But, my clothes Man: Forget them. Kanisha: I'll send them over Jay: Bye Kanisha: See ya (A red car drives away) (Two other cars appear) Kanisha: I'm just not going to get a break today (Lia's mother: A woman with long curly pink hair wearing a white work dress,and Alice's father: a man who has short dark brown hair, wearing a black suit) Alice's dad and Lia's mother (looks at Kanisha): Good morning Kanisha: Good morning, what do you want? Lia's mother: I think you know. Kanisha: Why? Alice's dad: Because you are a bad influence and since we know Lia and Alice won't stay away if we ask, we're taking them. Kanisha: This isn't fair, I could just move away. Lia's mother: No, they would find means to get to you, this is the only way, since we know they wouldn't abandon their family. Kanisha: All of you parents are selfish  (Alice's dad slaps Kanisha) Alice's dad: You have no right, we are protecting our children  Lia's mother: It doesn't matter, don't give the light of day. (Lia's mother and Alice's dad leaves) (Kanisha leaves into her house and closes the door, then sits by the door and tears come down) (The screen switches to Alice,Lia, and Jay) Alice: Why would you do that? Lia: Without our consent  Jay: No wonder you rush  me out Kanisha's house Lia: Such a sly dog Jay (blushing): It wasn't like that Lia's mother: It was the right thing to do. Lia: You have no right to say that, we are her friends and besides Kanisha is harmless Lia's mother: Your love for her is blinding your judgment. Lia: No, it is not Alice (looks at a man on the floor): Dad, why would you put your hands on Kanisha, do you have any respect? I hate you (walks away) Alice's mom: Where are you going? Alice: Where else to Kanisha's place  Lia's mother: It won't make a difference  Jay: It will because she will know, we won't give up on our friendship  (Jay, Alice, and Lia walk out of Alice's hour) (Alice's dad get up) Lia's mother: Let them go, we'll crush that hope later. (The screen shows Lia, Alice, and Jay come into Kanisha's house and sees it is a mess) Alice: She's gone Lia (hits the floor): We have to find her. Jay: She could be anywhere  Lia: I have a way to find her (turns on her ringtone) (The house shakes) Kanisha (tackles Lia): Don't you dare Lia: Told you  Kanisha (turns off Lia's phone): My neighbors don't know about that hobby of mine (Lia lifts Kanisha, push her to the floor and kiss her on the lips) Jay: Lia! Lia: It was my goodbye present. Jay: No fair Alice: I already went on a trip with her to Egypt. Jay: I guess our date yesterday could be mine. Kanisha: I'm sorry  Alice: This isn't your fault, it's our parent's fault. Jay: Yeah (touches Kanisha's face) are you okay? Alice: That reminds me i'm sorry about my dad (puts a doll in Kanisha's hand) Kanisha(looks at the doll): You kept it Alice (gives an evil smile): Give it a squeeze  (Kanisha squeezes the doll that looks like Alice's dad) (The screen shows Alice's dad back crack) Alice's mom: Dear. Alice's sister: I knew we should've taken that doll from her. (The screen shows Kanisha laughing) Kanisha: (sighs) That's better Alice: Are you sure, you can't just change the timeline? Kanisha: If I do, it could destroy our own existence. Jay: So, the butterfly effect is true Kanisha: Yeah, more or less. (Alice hugs Kanisha and hits her on the head) Kanisha: I'll miss you too. Jay (hugs Kanisha): We will try to reunite with you. Lia (hugs Kanisha): Don't you dare forget us Kanisha: As if I could. (Lia, Jay, and Alice start crying, then Kanisha does to) (The episode ends with Kanisha waving goodbye to Lia, Jay, and Alice) the


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