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It was at night when I first saw her
Hovering like a moth around the bonfire
She was in a black dress
And a skintight.

She was dark too, a brilliant ebony;
Her bright eyes were glittering,
When she chuckled, her smile was baffling
As she exposed her snow-white teeth-
Africa's dearest ivory.

I couldn't stop to stare
At her enormous breasts
As I thought of the pillow-like rest
They would give man in need of a deep rest
I couldn't stop to stare
At her extravagant rare
Akin Pavo' tail
As she poised elegantly
Listening to the teller's tales.

When she is standing up,
She is an eight,
When she is lying down,
She is an infinite
And from her hips 
Down to her knees,
She forms
The perfect image of love.

I treasure you,
My Melanin girl
Just like how the white wool
Values the black-cotton soil.

****The end****


  • Good poetic style

    Jun 11, 2020

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