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My illusion is to love me.
Please don't smash it.
Because it's all that's left.
Please let me keep it inside my veins,
Until you can love me back.

My wish is to be by your side.
  Please give me a chance.
I wish I could see you on my left shoulder
when I fall asleep at night.

  The hope is that you will understand me
When I do not have the strength to speak.
  Many will think I'm crazy,
But I'm still healthy for myself.

  Let me cover the emptiness
Of your soul with my love.
Let me dry your bleeding wounds
With my strong breath of my lungs.

My illusion is to love me back.
An illusion that always keeps me alive. 
An illusion that makes me blind
To the cries of other girls.


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    Jun 09, 2020

  • Jun 09, 2020

  • Jun 09, 2020

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