REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#11) Read Count : 22

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Finally Della found the way to stopped this dustruction. She connected with Balvin through telepathy and then she said "Balvin it's me Della! Now listen we never can't destroy these monsters but if Dark Knight holds the lightning Blade he can make a wave over the Zakandlas which can destroy Drabot, Demon and the astroid at once!" Dark Knight thought and said "I have an idea". After this Balvin flew in the air and gave a great punch to that demon. He flew towards the space with the speed of light. He reached to the Electra in seconds and then he said "My Queen I need that wepon to stop this all!" Then Drabot came there and shooted a fire ball on Balvin. Balvin fell far away. Then Della came there and took Drabot back to the Zakandlas by her teleportation power. Balvin was shut downed. But then his invoice woke up him. Then Drabot shoot a powerful lazer beem on Della. Through this she got highly injured. And that Demon started dustruction in civil areas. Dark Knight saw this through his powerful eye site. Then Electra through Lightning blade towards Dark Knight. When Dark Knight holds that wepon he became more powerful. But when Electra leaved Lightning Blade the force field got disappeared and Electra fell down. Helorrx was so tired and can't hold that astroid. Then Dark Knight opened his eyes and flew fastly towards Zakandlas. First he saved King Queen and then he landed on surface with his all grace. He lifted up that wepon towards the sky and made a wave by saying "Oh God! Give me the power of dignity!". Through this all things got normal Drabot and Demon has been destroyed. Now just that astroid remained. Then Dark Knight flew towards that astroid and hited it with Lightning Blade. Through this that astroid has been destroyed too. All the people got happy. They claped fro these four heros and the brave army of Zakandlas. Then Balvin came in his original form and ran towards della. He picked her up and said "Are you Okay?" "I'm Okay mam's boy" replied by Della Through this a new love story begun.



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