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I never thought it would be possible for someone to loose themselves. I lost myself due to some events that happened to me. I got crushed into pieces, couldn’t get out of one situation when another one was beginning. I couldn’t understand why it all happened, nobody understood me. Everyone saw that I was loosing myself but instead of wondering what the problem was all they did was criticize me for my actions. I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to find myself but fortunately I did. I started realizing that I wasn’t only hurting myself, the people around who love me were suffering and hurting because of my actions. I started losing belongings that I worked hard to obtain. No one around would actually help me, they would just say “why don’t you stop?”. Its not that I didn’t want to stop it’s just it helps me forget about all the pain inside me. Problems/pain hit everyone differently. It’s hard to find people to understand the pain. A friend came up to me and “let’s talk, what’s wrong? Everyone is worried about you, I’m worried about you, talk to me I’m here for you, your not alone, I might not resolve all the pain but I will be here fight with you on your side”. At that moment I broke down nobody has ever tried to help me like that. This friend actually wanted to listen to my pain instead of just critize me or use it against me. I felt relieved after talking and explains my pain to someone that would actually listen. If you see someone around you suffering and you really want to help them, take a moment of your time and listen to their pain. Sometimes all we need is a good listening ear, a person that can listen to us instead of criticizing or using the pain against us. Don’t let them suffer in silence actually hear them out. A couple minutes of your time can save a person. Everything is possible but nothing is easy. Don’t ever give up always keep trying it’s worth it, I promise.


  • Titas Sengupta

    Titas Sengupta

    that is the problem of today's society. No one makes the effort to reach up and understand a person who is suffering, all is busy Critsizing

    Jun 09, 2020

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