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Its true when they say “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. It all started when I was invited to watch a dart game. Her team was playing against my friends team. When I first saw her she got my complete attention, I was speechless. Her pretty face, gorgeous smile and beautiful eyes. I wanted to talk to her but I couldn’t figure out a way. Luckily she came over to talk to my friend and we got introduced, a simple hand shake and name exchanged. I didn’t stay there longer after that. When I started driving I felt ashamed of myself for not starting a conversation with her. I kicked myself a couple of times because I didn’t know if I was going to run into her again so I texted my friend to ask her for her number on my behalf. Lucky me a couple days later I had her number. We started talking, after a couple weeks I finally got a date and it went great because we started dating. As our relationship carried on she was amazing, always honest, shared all her feelings and thoughts with me. There were several times that she saw me gazing and asked me what was I thinking about. I would reply with a simple answer which I could tell she didn’t believe me at times. The problem was me, I had a hard time opening up to her. She always asked about my thoughts and feelings, I would give some vague answers. As I got to know her I realize that she actually cared for my thoughts and feelings something no one else did. I really did wanted to open up my soul to her but time wasn’t on my side. It all came to an end at the worst timing. I couldn’t believe that I had pushed her away. I realized too late that I had lost her. In the past relationships I’ve never had someone that actually cared. It was too late when I realized the wonderful amazing person I had next to me. The thoughts and feelings of one another are always important, share them with you partner don’t just keep them to yourself it might cause you to loose someone amazing when they were always there for you. Don’t make her walk away from you, if you do you’ll regret it.


  • Jun 09, 2020

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