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(The opening shows Kanisha running through the paris)

(A guitar is playing)

(Kanisha painting on a canvas with her tail)

(Kanisha fighting a wrestler)

(Kanisha surrounded by animals in the woods)

(Kanisha is riding a dragon)

(Kanisha with fire coming out of her hand and hits the ground)

(Kanisha is on a top of a hill and smiles at the camera)

(The screen switches to Kanisha reading comics on a chair)

(The opening ends with the name 'Kimi ( C)' with crystals around it and by Kanisha, who is smiling)

(The episode opens with Konoye sitting on a throne with Alice, and his guards)

Somebody: Because of our Pharaoh's unfortunate demise (points to Konoye) his son will be taking the throne .

Konoye (gets up): I promise I will act as a respectful ruler, just like my father.

(The crowd claps)

(Konoye sits down, then looks at Alice, and Alice smiles)

(The screen switches to Alice and Konoye)

Alice: I'm afraid I have to go.

Konoye: I'm sorry, your birthday ended like this

Alice: Are you kidding, this was the best birthday I had.

Konoye: (laughs) (looks at Alice) You are one strange girl, I'll miss you.

Alice: I'll miss you too.

(The screen shows Alice and Konoye exploring together, Konoye putting a necklace around Alice, Alice reading scrolls beside Konoye, and them smiling at each other; then laughing)

(The screen switches to Alice looking at Kanisha in a ball)

Alice: It's time to go home.

(The ball disappears and Kanisha lands in Alice's arms)

Kanisha (weakly): I ruined your birthday 

Alice: Idiot! Of course you didn't.

(The scepter shakes, and opens a portal)

(Alice walks into it and the portal closes)

(The screen switches to Alice entering Kanisha's bedroom, then lays Kanisha on her bed)

Alice: (hits Kanisha on the head) Now, rest.

Kanisha: I will (closes her eyes)

(A phone rings)

Alice (picks up the phone): What's up?

A voice: Is Kanisha here?

Alice: She's asleep.

A voice: Wait, Alice, is that you?

Alice: Jay, What's up?

Jay: Your mom was worried when you left.

Alice: Right, I appeared here. 

Jay: You were time traveling with Kanisha, right?

Alice: Yup.

Kanisha (sitting up with bags under eyes): Who's that?

Alice (looking at : It's Jay, now get back to sleep, idiot.

Kanisha (lays back down): Fine

Alice: What's up?

Jay: Your parents were worried and contacted me, and your sister was gossiping about you and Kanisha hooking up, and your father was about to go on a rampage.

Alice: Put them through 

Jay: Fine.

(The sound of a click)

Alice's mom: Hello.

Alice: Mom, stop bothering Jay.

Alice's mom: Well Excuse me, but if you disappear I'm going  to worry especially if it's your birthday.

Alice: You guys are such drama queens

Alice's mom: That's because you are always running off with her, always getting into trouble, that was even before she became a mutant freak.

Alice: Mother, I would appreciate it if you don't insult my friend, after all you have no right to call her that. Anyway, I'll be home soon.

(Alice hangs up and puts her phone in her pocket)

Kanisha: Bye

Alice: (punches Kanisha in the chest) You better get some rest, you have school tomorrow.

Kanisha: No problem 

Alice: (kisses Kanisha on the forehead) Bye.

(Alice walks out of the door)

Kanisha: I used up too much of my energy to make sure to conceal my true powers (smiles) Oh well, tomorrow is the day.

(Kanisha closes her eyes)

Alice (looking at Kanisha's house): I have a bad feeling.

(The screen switches to the morning, then goes to Kanisha opening a locker, then a person taps her on a shoulder, turns around to see Jay)

(Kanisha grab a book and put it on her head, then uses her tail to close the locker)

Kanisha (looks at Jay): What's up?

Jay: I got to get something off my chest.

Kanisha (leaning on her locker): Lay it on me.

Jay (gets closer to Kanisha, then backs up): I have a crush on you (blushes)

(Kanisha gives a shocked look on her face and her eyes are blinking)

Kanisha: Oh! (Curious) Since when?

Jay: Since last April.

Kanisha (thought): That was why he kept avoiding me during our class trip to the aquarium.

Jay: I thought you would know because of your powers, so I decided to let it go.

Kanisha: My powers don't let me know everything, plus I don't have full control of my powers.

Jay: Oh! Well, see ya (walks away)

Kanisha (gets in front of Jay): Wait! 

Jay: What?

Kanisha: Who admits that they have a crush on somebody, then walks away. Besides, I should at least treat you until I have an answer.

Jay (blushes): Like...Like a date.

Kanisha (blushes): Kinda.

Jay (glitter in his eyes): Really?

(Kanisha pushes Jay out of the way, then a giant worm appears out of the floor and a bunch of monsters come out of the worm's mouth: ogres,zombies in soldier outfits, and a giant dragon)

Jay: Yikes!

Kanisha: Chill, I got this.

(Kanisha turns into a giant and crush the ogres, then throws the dragon and freezes it; she throws the ogres and the dragon into a portal)

Jay: Whoa!

Kanisha: Zombies! Yikes! How do I get rid of them?

Zombie (while running to Kanisha, with an army): You won't be able to.

(Kanisha make a scepter appear, the scepter has a long stick with a clock on top of it, in a full blast the zombies turns into human soldiers)

A zombie (looks at itself): Yikes!

Kanisha (jumps above the zombies): Now, I can get all of you.

(Kanisha releases a field of acid that melts the zombies, and the portal sucks the zombie puddle and disappears)

(The worm comes through the floor, then Kanisha makes two swords appear and slices it. The worm turns into hundred small worms, then turns back into a giant, but a hole on the side of the worm)

(The worm roars releasing saliva)

(Kanisha smirked)

Kanisha: Is that all? (Laughs)

(Kanisha summons fires from her hand, then turns into an bow and arrow, and releases an arrow and hits the giant worm; Waiting for a minute to see if it is gone, the worm didn't regenerate)

Jay: Yes! (Hugs Kanisha, then blushes and lets go of Kanisha) Sorry

Kanisha: Jay, something you should know (hugs Jay back) I love hugs.

Jay (moving his head around): Well, I'll take a note of that.

(A hand taps on Kanisha, then she looks around and sees fire everywhere)

(Kanisha looks at the person that tapped her and sees a woman who has brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a black suit and black shoes a.k.a. the Principal Seven) 

Kanisha:  (lets go of Jay and gives a nervous smile) Principal Seven, I can fix this, don't worry it won't cost you a dime.

Principal Seven: (sighs, then gets on her knees) Kanisha, listen I know you mean well, but you're too much of a monster magnet and it's frightened all of the students and the teachers, it's also nearly given me a heart attack. So, for the safety of everyone you're suspended for good, you are never allowed to go to school.

(A bunch of students come from their class, trying to see if it's safe, among the students is Lia and runs to Kanisha)

Lia (shocked and angry): What? Suspended, you can't.

Kanisha (with her head down): Lia, please stop.

Lia (looking at Kanisha): Kanisha, you can't be okay with this.

Kanisha (touches Lia's shoulder): She's right, I am causing too much trouble, and I need to leave 

Somebody: But, what if it isn't just Kanisha the reason the monsters came.

(Principal Seven looks at Kanisha)

Kanisha (sighs) (looks at the others) That is the reason 

Narrator (while the camera is looking at Kanisha with Lia by her): Kanisha can see into the future or past, but takes some energy.

Kanisha: I saw a past, where the monsters talked about trying to destroy me, not any of you (walks downstairs)

Lia: (by the stairs) Kanisha! Wait! You can't leave (runs after Kanisha)

(Mrs. K walks to Principal Seven)

Mrs. K (looking at Principal Seven): You sure this is the best idea.

Principal Seven: It had to be done.

(Mrs. K sighs)

(Kanisha walks to the door)

Lia (gets in front of the door): Please you can't get kicked out of school, otherwise you will be all alone at home, plus it will be boring, and I'll miss you.

Jay (coming downstairs): I'll miss you too.

(A bunch of students come downstairs as well and look at me)

A girl: Lia is right, it'll be wrong for you to have to leave

Kanisha: (smiles with her head down) (turns around to everybody) I appreciate your kindness, but I can't keep going to school here, but even if I don't...You'll know where I live, so you can visit anytime (winks)

(The screen shows a limousine)

Lia: Is that?

Kanisha: I asked Alice to pick me up (smiles) See ya (walks out the door)

Principal seven: Okay, everybody heads back to class, that includes you, Lia and Jay.

Jay: Yes, ma'am.

Lia: Fine.

(The screen switches to Kanisha in the limousine)

Alice So, you finally got kicked out.

Kanisha: It would appear so, sorry to trouble you.

Alice: (taking off her sunglasses) What are you talking about? (Looks at the window) Driver to Kanisha's house.

Kanisha: Why there?

Alice (smiles): Didn't you promise Jay a date 

Kanisha: Of course 

(Kanisha looks out the window)

(The episode ends with a bunch of shadows with red eyes laughing)


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