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He did something I was totally against. I knew he was an undercover, but hey it was exciting to date one while being a criminal. I told him to never bring me into his shit, but he did anyways. He had me sell something which led to a bust, I was lit! We fought about it and I decided it was over and when I went to leave, he pushed me down, in shock I slapped him and broke his nose. He beat me down to the ground after I threw his phone so he couldn't call the cops in me. While he was down looking for his phone I got the most horrific vision ever. It scared me so bad, I actually broke his bedroom door in half to escape. Anyway, he broke my hip, I went to the ER, then to a doctor later on who confirmed it. I could barely walk and had to use my walker which really sucked. One night I got up to go to the bathroom and almost fell. Catching myself on the dryer before I fell, I yelled out in pain, and begged God to help me. The next day when I woke up I was miraculously healed. I no longer had to use my walker and the pain in my hip was gone. So do I believe in miracles? Why, yes I do, for I've witnessed too many of them not to.


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