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(The opening shows Zeke: a boy who has long blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a school uniform behind a desk talking to the class.

The screen shows an alien spaceship outside of the window.

The screen switches to Di: a boy who has short brown hair, wearing goggles on his head, white lab coat, brown shirt, blue short typing on the computer in a dark room

Petia: A girl who has long blonde hair with two ponytails wearing a purple cheerleader outfit with other cheerleaders cheering at a football game

Di and Zeke is back to back.

The screen shows three boys: Jaque who has long midnight blue hair, wearing a white jumpsuit, Owen who has fuzzy brown hair, wearing a blue jumpsuit, and Cal who has long black hair, wearing a black jumpsuit; all of them have antennas running track.

Pete: A boy who has long red hair wearing a school uniform petting a lion.

Lucifer: a boy who has long black hair, wearing a black suit with purple lines sitting on a desk with a sinister smile

Lucifer and Pete are kissing on the grass, Pete is on the bottom and Lucifer is on the top.

Zeke is swimming in a indoor pool with Di watching him, Zeke pulls Di in the pool. They laugh at each other.

Petia is walking behind Zeke with her cheerleader outfit on.

The opening ends with everybody in front of the school looking like a school photo)

(The episode opens with Di typing in a dark room, when shadows run behind him)

Di: You can come out.

(From the shadows reveals Pete with his pet lion)

Pete: Always can detect us, huh?

Di: Yes.

Pete: What are you creating?

Di (smiles) (looking at Pete): A dating site

Pete (over Di, with his hands on the chair): Perfect, can you find a partner for me?

Di: I haven't finished putting in the code.

Pete: Can I put it in?

Di: You better not put anything lewd in it.

Pete (smiles): Of course, I won't (puts around his arm around Di) that wouldn't capture the hearts of any of the hotties.

Di: You better not change it.

Pete: Of course not.

(Di gets up, Pete sits down; Di watches Pete putting in the code in the computer)

(The screen switches to Di spins in the chair)

Di: We are done.

(Pete pets his lion, the lion yawns)

Di (looks out the window): Hey, Pete.

Pete: What's up?

Di (looking out the window): Do you believe in aliens?

Pete (while looking at the computer screen): That came out of nowhere, you are done with your faze of finding a real uke and seme.

Di: Absolutely not, I'm just curious about something else.

Pete: Well, I believe there is something out there in space, after all it's a big world or universe. So, anything can happen.

Di: You think so.

Pete: Yeah.

(Di smiles)

Pete: Done.

Di (over Pete): Perfect.

Pete (while petting his pet lion): What are you calling it? The website.

Di: Penguin's Love.

Pete: Ah (clicks his tongue) clever, clever (gets up)

Di (typing on the computer): Thank you.

(The screen switches to a field, where a spaceship appears with a green beam taking a shed away, and flies away)

The person: Why did we take a shed?

Another person (using a watch that has a green scanner): Because I need to analyze it. Owen, brings me a paint brush

(A paint brush lands in the person's hand)

(The screen shows Owen, Jaque, and Cal from the opening)

(Owen is looking at a picture of a person who has short brown hair, white skin, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes with his antennas moving)

Jaque: You have to get over him.

Owen: We only left two weeks ago (holds the picture frame against his chest) he couldn't have forgotten me yet.

Jaque: A relationship with a human, would never work?

Owen (turns from Jaque): Ours did.

(A flashback shows Owen with the boy in the picture talking.

The boy smiles at Owen, and Owen blushes.

The boy hugs Owen)

(The screen switches to The boy and Owen in a bedroom)

Owen: (takes off the hat and reveals antennas) I'm an alien, and my kind can't be with humans.

The boy: I knew you were strange, but an alien takes the cake.

Owen: I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I didn't expect to…

(The boy hugs Owen)

Owen (surprised): Hiromichi

Hiromichi: I don't care, if you're an alien because…

Owen: You can't

Hiromichi: I love you

(Owen blushes)

Owen (tries to pull away): But…

Hiromichi: I fell in love at first sight, then I got to know you and I care about you.

Owen: It doesn't matter, I can't stay, my superiors found out, so my brothers are taking me away.

Hiromichi: You can't...don't leave

Owen (puts his head down): I'm sorry

Horomichi (hugging Owen): At least let me spend the day with you

Owen (blushes): Fine

(The screen switches to Owen and Hiromichi kissing in the bed)

Owen: Hiromichi...we...can't 

Hiromichi (smiles): We already are

(Owen groans)

Hiromichi: Do you love me too?

Owen: I do.

(The flashback ends with Hiromichi and Owen kiss)


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