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There is a castle made of stone just beyond those trees but what the quickest way perhaps just follow the warm breeze there is a princess that sits all day and waits not just for a handsome prince but for the day she can feel the warm sun beaming on her face. there is a castle made of stone that looks so tattered and worn but a beautiful princess that Waits with a tender heart and touch so warm. there is a castle that sits so dark and still but a beautiful sound that comes from the window would make an army kill there is a castle so tall one man thinks twice about climbing the wall but for the princess, he would risk dying. there is a castle so close since site one man's heart starts pounding there she is the girl of his dreams the one he will marry and she will become Queen does he Save The Princess and rode off into the woods for these are the stories we read in children's books in hopes that one day that girl will be us and we will live happily ever after just like we believe growing up.


  • Jun 08, 2020

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