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I’m alone at sea
Where are you?
Why don’t you hold me, yet?
The ocean is deep, dark, and blue
What color are your eyes?
Are they grey as the sky?
What color is your hair?
And why aren’t you here, yet?
In what part of this world are you in?
What continent are you living in?
I’m alone floating at sea
Waiting for the rain
To stop raining, pouring down on me
The clouds know my name
At least here they do
Up above the ocean so blue
And like the Red Sea
They weren’t good enough for me

My pen let’s history stand still
All over the fields, mountains, and hills
I want out of this bubble
That I’ve been in since 2017, and even before
Curses come almost by the double
They sent me out to the war
Where I lived in a house with a paint peeling porch
And I started traveling through dark hidden tunnels with an unseen torch
The moon loved me
And I felt it more when it was just me it could see
I believe the sun is him, masculine
And the moon takes on the energy of her, the feminine
The ocean is deep
And dangerous
But for some reason she calls out to me
I don’t know if I’d ever agree to this
Because yin and yang
Were always a different thing
I destroyed yin in all ways
And I let yang taunt my soul almost always
My thoughts become steep
As my emotions run too, too deep
My story makes me, me
But the ocean
Let’s my soul bath in
In the cleanseleanness
Of my shattered broken ness
Beauty of a queen
Layers laid all upon me
Black words sinking into my skin
Imprinted into my system
Because they were written
By those who hurt me in all glorified sin
I want to escape this victim
Even if the thunder and the rain are my best friends
I want a new room
Without my soul in unjustified fumes
With everything I was
Stolen by you
I want this to be the last on my list of tragic loves
I gave it all up
For what was
Behind forbidden trees
I have, written all over me
And the ocean
Is filled with sin
Yet she cleans them, it all away
Once I set sail back home
I’m there to stay
Washed my old self away
When I wasn’t here, home


  • Jun 08, 2020

  • Jun 26, 2020

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