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A door bell rings.

Inside a store, Kenzo is levitating with all kinds of books around him with his eyes closed.

Arms around put around Kenzo's waist, and Kenzo jumps.

"Hi honey", said a voice.

Kenzo smiled, and says "Watson, you always know how to scare me".

"True, and it seems that you have a bookstore here", said Watson.

"Yeah, a creature gave a key to this place", replied Kenzo.

"What did he or she look like?" asked Watson.

Kenzo shows a picture of a boy who has short red hair, long white hair, wearing a colorful jacket unbuttoned, red shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes with an eye patch, dragon wings.

"Dragonflute, I should've seen that coming", Watson smiled.

"What's wrong?" asked Kenzo, moving closer to Watson.

"Nothing, I just been given a message", Watson lied.

"Watson, we are childhood friends, I know when something is wrong, now tell me", Kenzo reminds Watson.

Watson sighs, and says "Your right, besides we are married".

"That's right, no secrets", said Kenzo.

"The grand council asked me to hunt down an ally of mine, but an enemy to me. It's not that big a deal, what is really on my mind is how one of the people apart of the grand council found interest in you", Watson reveals. "And when they get interested in something odd will happen".

"And I'm afraid of what they could be planning", said Watson.

Kenzo kisses Watson on the lips, which caught Watson off guard.

"It's okay, nothing will happen to me", Kenzo reassures Watson. "Alright".

"Alright", said Watson, with a warm smile.

"See that's the smile I want to see", said Kenzo, then wink. "So, are we going to have that alone time, you promised me?" 

"Of course, where would you like to go?" Asked Watson.

"The place where you teach", said Kenzo. "After that we can go to a hotel".

Watson blush, then nods.

Kenzo takes Watson's hand, and they run out of the bookstore.

Once they leave the bookstore, the door automatically closes, and a closed sign appears, also on top of the store is a sign that says 'Kenzo's bookstore'.

So, Mila and Addison are on a pirate ship that is out on the sea.

Mila is wearing a pink pirate hat, scarf around her waist,light pink shirt, dark pink pants, and pinkish yellow boots.

Addison is wearing a scarf around her hair, belt with pouches, a red shirt, blue jeans, and white boots.

Addison looks through a telescope, and Mila is fighting two guys with two swords.

"Addison, what do you see?" asked Mila, while fighting.

"No sea creatures", said Addison, as she got up.

"Great!" Mila smiled.

Mila attacks both guys making them fall into the sea.

After that, Addison turns the ship around and smiles.

"I wonder how everybody is doing", said Addison, while driving.

"They're probably fine, after all they are very capable on their own", said Mila. "What's more important is what we should do".

"Good point, I have an idea", said Addison, heading into a mist.

"I hope this goes well", said Mila, kinda sweaty.

Mila looks at the sky.

In the magical city, Watson and Kenzo are looking at a brown building that looks like a normal school.

"Looks more normal than I expected", said Kenzo, scratching his head.

"Wait till we get inside before you judge", said Watson, as his hair is being blown by the wind.

"Fine", Kenzo shrugs his shoulder.

The door is opened by an elder buff elf man who has short dark blue hair, wearing a white unbuttoned jacket, blue shirt, white pants, and shoes named Siro.

"Welcome back, sir", said Siro, looking at Watson.

"Thank you", said Watson, smiling.

"Is he your new husband?" asked Siro, looking at Kenzo.

"I am, I'm Kenzo, nice to meet you", Kenzo smiled.

"Pleasure to meet you, I hope you enjoy your time here", said Siro.

"Thank you", said Kenzo, as he walked into the building with Watson.

Inside the building, there are different animals by doors in the hallway, and as Kenzo passes them their eyes glow.

"Uh...Watson", said Kenzo, hiding behind Watson, looking scared.

"It's okay, they won't hurt you", said Watson.

"Are you sure?" asked Kenzo.

"Just get on my back", said Watson. "If you are...scared".

Kenzo gets on Watson's back fast.

Watson leads Kenzo to a classroom that has a tiger cup by the door.

"Hi, Kira", said Watson. "You can get down".

Kenzo jumps down and lands on the teacher's desk.

"This is the classroom you teach in?" asked Kenzo, looking at wallpapers of magicians.

"Yup", said Watson, then whistles.

The wallpapers move and the wardrobe coughs up a person.

The person is revealed to have long brown hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, white jacket, purple shirt, blue jeans, and blue shoes named Yairo.

"Mr. Watson", Yairo's eyes widened.

"Yairo, acting sneaky again?" asked Watson, with his arms folded.

"No...I was trying to get my bag, but it's stuck", Yairo spoke honestly.

Watson knocks on the wardrobe and says "Come on give it back".

The wardrobe spits out a duffle bag and lands on Yairo, making him fall to the floor.

A second later, the wardrobe gives Watson a little brown notebook.

"Why you jerk!" complained Yairo, then gets up and sees the brown book.

"What's this?" asked Kenzo, looking Inside the book.

"No...Please don't read it", Yairo begs Kenzo.

" hiding something?" asked Kenxo, with a smirk.

Watson puts his arms around Kenzo, and says "Give it back, sweetie".

"Alright", said Kenzo, and threw the book to Yairo, who caught it.

Kenzo and Watson kiss.

"You're the husband?!" asked Yairo, looking shocked.

"Yeah, nice to meet you", said Kenzo. "I'm Kenzo.

'He seems different from what Watson described him', thought Yairo.

"Did you tell everybody about me?" asked Kenzo.

"Maybe a little bit", Watson blushed.

"Uh, how did you two meet?" asked Yairo, getting up.

"We have lived next door to each other for years", said Kenzo.

"Childhood friends, I can't compete with that", Yairo whispered, putting his head down.

Watson lets go of Kenzo.

"Huh?" asked Watson, confused.

"Nothing", said Yairo, then turned around. "I'll be leaving".

"Wait, Yairo", said Watson.

"Huh?" asked Yairo, showing his blushing face.

"I would like to borrow your art from yesterday", said Watson.

"My art...are you sure?" asked Yairo, acting shy.

"Yeah, it looks beautiful", said Watson.

Yairo reaches into his bag, and says "Nothing is good about my art".

Yairo throws a paper to Watson's face, and says "Baka!"

Yairo leaves the classroom and runs away.

'Why do I always act like that?' asked Yairo, running through the hallway.

In the classroom, Watson and Kenzo are looking shocked.

"You have a tsundere lover", Kenzo figured out.

"Tsundere?" asked Watson.

"You know a character that acts shy and acts like he or she hates you, but really loves you", Kenzo analyzed.

"Yairo? No way!" reacted Watson.

"So, naive", said Kenzo.

"You are wrong", said Watson.

"Listen, you may know many things, but you are naive to these kinds of people", said Kenzo.

Kenzo looks at the drawing of a swordsman protecting a normal highschool boy and looks at the bottom that says 'I hope you like this drawing, Watson my love'.

Kenzo blushes after he reads the bottom.

"What's wrong?" asked Watson.

"Nothing, just admiring the drawing", said Kenzo.

"Liar!" blurted the wardrobe.

"Who asked you!" blurted Kenzo. "I'm talking to a wardrobe".

"Yup, and I got to say you don't seem the type to have the right to marry Watson", Wardrobe insults Kenzo.

"What do you say?" asked Kenzo, about to punch the wardrobe with dark purple energy coming from it.

"Easy, Kenzo, he's not worth it", said Watson, stopping Kenzo's fist.

"Yeah, your right", said Kenzo.

"So, you teach magic, fighting, tell me all"? asked Kenzo, sitting on a desk.

"It's all of those and more", said Watson.

"Interesting", said Kenzo.

Watson opens the wardrobe and the wardrobe shows weapons on the bottom, on top is a staff and on the sides is textbooks.

"Should've seen that coming", said Kenzo, unfazed.

"That's not all, follow me", said Watson, walking to the door.

Kenzo follows Watson into the hallway and notices the animals are still staring at him.

Watson gets out a flute, which makes the pets sit down.

'He really is more used to this place', thought Kenzo.

While walking, Watson points to the cafeteria looking like a horror show, the science room, principal's office, and stops when he sees a deer.

The deer walks to Kenzo and licks his face.

Kenzo laughs as the deer licks his face.

"Alen seems to like you", said Watson, and puts the flute away.

"Alen, that's your name, nice to meet you. I'm Kenzo", said Kenzo, petting The deer.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Alen", said the deer.

Kenzo smiles.

"Anyway, let me show you the gym", said Watson.

Inside the gym, it looks a graveyard.

Kenzo shivers.

"Don't worry, nobody will kill you", said Watson. "All zombies are hibernating".

"", Kenzo shivers.

Groans echo.

"", Kenzo shakes.

"They are", said Watson.

The groan continues, sounding more creepy.

"I'm out of here", said Kenzo, as he dashes out of the gym.

"Wait! Kenzo!" Watson runs after Kenzo.

From the gym, there is Yairo and Siro on a bed that is in a shed.

"Siro, we shouldn't", Yairo blushes.

"He's married, so why not?" asked Siro.

"Because...we...could get caught...ahh!" replied Yairo.

"Never mind that", said Siro.

Yairo groans.

Back in the hallway, Watson catched up with Kenzo who is scared.

"Are you okay?" asked Watson.

"Can we go home?" asked Kenzo, nearly crying.

"Of course, want to go to the hotel?" said Watson, and kisses Kenzo on the cheek.

Kenzo blushes, and says "Now".

"Now, unless you aren't up for it", said Watson.

"No, I want to", Kenzo insists.

"Great", said Watson.

Watson opens a portal with one finger.

Kenzo gets up and takes Watson's hand.

Watson and Kenzo land by a hotel and walk inside.


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