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Sleepless nights mixed with thoughts
For the person who made you lose your control,
When you fell in love and act,
Like you've never loved before. 

The imagination that makes you think
Of "what would it be like if ..."
You open the fridge to open a beer
And reschedule the message you would have
Sent yesterday.
But you still don't have
The courage to face with white flag the reality. 

You want to invite her outside,
But you don't know what reason to invent.
You are already good friends
But you want her as a girlfriend. 

Desires mixed with shame,
You lit another cigarette,
Replacing the one that already burns
In your black ashtray a minute before. 

You think that only alcohol can give you,
The courage to tell her,
What you have been feeling for some time.
You feel her close...
But not enough to understand....


  • Jun 08, 2020

  • Jun 08, 2020

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