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Hi again I know you probably will think this is stupid but no one cares about me not even my sister I tryed to save her from getting yelled at but she didn't even get yelled at so I'm here righting off my anger you know of you care and you probably don't but I wish I had a nice family that cares I wish I was not so ugly and that probably why but it's not fair I love her at least on the inside on the outside I hate everyone I have anger issues so that's basically why my life is so bad I'm ugly, annoying, rude,and I hate my life if you have better then lucky you but if you don't show me your pain I'm sure it worse I can explain my pain that I go through ever day but I better get off now signing out


  • Hey you're not alone and there is someone who cares. Don't sell yourself short because in time you will see you are somebody. Take care and keep writing. It's ok. It will be ok. 💖👍

    Jun 08, 2020

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