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Pull like a curtain, over us- the night. 
Both sharing the same dream. 
Handcuff my hands,
And let the city lights fall on us like a waterfall.

The ice in my heart melts,
Like an ice cream left in the sun. 
When I lost hope that I could meet someone compatible,
I met her over and over again.

  We are two figures who drink
From the same cup of love,
We get drunk with the sweet words
That light fireworks on the floor.

Pull like a coat,
Your hand over my shoulder,
To feel that you are here,
Even if I can't see your face,
I feel your desire.

The desire to kiss me
Becomes more and more intense,
But I will be stuck a millimeter away
From your wonderful lips.

  Your hands are my home
Where I shelter my heart.
And you sewed my broken wings
back over the dry tears,
For which I had no reason to lose them.


  • Jun 08, 2020

  • Jun 08, 2020

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