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Star teleports Mila, Jaxtyn, Kylo, Nora, and Zoey in front of the club.

The club is a small brown building, many windows, a small garden, and floating stuffed animals around the building.

The club has a sign that says 'All boys welcome as long they are over thirteen'.

"I don't like that", said Nora.

"Don't worry, that sign is just there because people talk about lewd and teen/adult things", said Star, with a smile.

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WITH A SMILE?" Reacted Zoey and Nora.

"Sorry, I thought that would be something concerning moms would want to know", said Star. "Too much".

"Not enough, are all boys here gay or just sexual influenced?" asked Jaxtyn, looking at Star.

"Yeah, tell us all juicy stuff", said Kylo, with a notebook and pencil by Star beside.

Star teleports Jaxtyn and Kylo onto the roof, and  whispers "It's half and half".

Star whispers more stuff and Kylo writes everything down.

"I have a bad feeling like this", said Nora.

"I agree", said Zoey.

A few minutes later, a Phoenix passes by.

After that, a skeleton hand comes out the door and leads Jaxtyn and Kylo in there, then Star follows after them.

"Don't worry about them", Star tells Zoey and Nora, then closes the door. 

Inside the place, it's dimly lit, there are guys talking, while drinking or just talking, some of them dancing, wearing odd outfits, and looking like stereotypes.

"This place is perfect!" exclaimed Jaxtyn and Kylo with a smile.

"I thought you would like it", said Star.

"How?" asked Kylo.

"Because I read both of your minds", said Star, drinking beer.

Star gets splashed in the face.

"I probably deserved that, I do forget to think about what I do or say", said Star.

"But, we didn't splash that on you", Jaxtyn spoke truthfully.

"That is too amateur for us", said Kylo.

"I know, Kaila Kitty, splashing acid in my face, is rude", Star pointed out.

"Acid!" gasped Kylo and Jaxtyn.

Jaxtyn put Star's up and sees Star's face is kinda melted.

"Cool!" Jaxtyn and Kylo's eyes glowed.

"But, are you going to be okay?" asked a random woman.

"Just, wait", said Star.

Jaxtyn, Kylo, and everybody in the bar sees Star's face turn back to normal and his eyes change, the left eye is orange and the right eye is black.

"Multicolored eyes, he has the best stereotype of a superhero in an anime or just a main character", said Jaxtyn.

Kylo takes a picture of Star.

"Hello!" smiled Barak.

Kalia Kitty is by Barak's side, he has long brown/blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a green school uniform and black boots holding a black wand.

"Barak! Thanks for inviting us", said Jaxtyn, and gives him a high five.

"Forget about it" , said Barak.

"Why did you invite us?" asked Kylo.

 "Is it because of Watson?" asked Jaxtyn.

"No, you see I see auras around guys and you two interest me, so you want some food", Barak admitted.

"So, some curry will work for me", said Kylo.

"And you?" asked Barak, looking at Jaxtyn.

"I would like Curry as well, but before that I have to know, are you dating somebody?" asked Jaxtyn.

"Nope, I'm single", said Barak. "And my type is kind and tough, either of you like that".

"That's more like Jaxtyn, I'm more of the evil twin", said Kylo.

Jaxtyn crosses his arms.

  "Thanks", said Barak. "His aura says it all".

Jaxtyn and Barak smile at each other.

"Well, let's go Star", said Kylo, pulling Star away.

"Okay", said Star. 

"So, what now?" asked Barak.

Two bowls of curry appear as a gust of wind.

Kylo grabs his curry, while being carried by Star, and says "Have fun, brother".

Kylo kisses Jaxtyn on the cheek, and says "See ya".

A door appears and Kylo with Star still carrying him, they walk through the door, then the door disappears.

"Well, you want to go on an adventure?" asked Barak.

"Sure, but you better realize we won't fall in love like a cheesy romance story", Jaxtyn made clear.

"Of course", said Barak.

Barak jumps in mid-air has two fingers on her right and left hand out and slices the air, then the portal opens.

"Let's go", said Barak, taking Jaxtyn's hand and they run into the portal.

Outside the bar.

"I hope everything is okay", said Zoey.

"They'll be fine", said a voice.

"Who said that?" asked Zoey, then turns around to see Beau and Rocco.

"Oh, Rocco and Beau, you are back", said Nora, petting the dogs.

"Yup, and we have something to show you", said Rocco.

"Aaah!" gasped Nora.

Zoey looks completely shocked,while pointing at the dogs.

"I understand your feeling, we were surprised too when we ate a pink clover", said Beau.

"So, you both ate a magical clover, that made you talk", Zoey analyzed.

"That's not all, it's powerful, so they will remain talking, even after you leave. Also, they can take a human form if they want, and other powers are lying doormat in both of them", explained somebody.

Zoey, Nora, Rocco, and Beau turn to a person walking up to them, and reveals this person has long red hair, light blue skin, gills, wearing bandages around his mouth, arms, and legs; he also has blue eyes, tail, black jacket, and red dress.

This person reveals himself as Kyono.


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