World Of Elves Chapter 5 Read Count : 11

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In a office, Watson is faced by an elf man named Kozato Yoshio who has long green/silver hair, wearing a white cloak and white shoes with many men behind him who has red hair: Hirabayashi Yoshitora, brown hair: Harigae Yuko, blonde hair:Takamitsu Maresuke, and black hair: Nagase Yasuhide wearing a white cloak

Kozato Yoshio says with a blank expression,"Congratulations on your wedding".

"Thank you" Watson smiled, then turned serious. "What's up?"

"Star has escaped and I need you to find him", said Takamitsu Maresuke, showing a virtual screen of Star: a boy who has short red hair, red cats ears up, star tattoo on the right, wearing a purple kimono driving a hover motorcycle.

Watson: "You should leave him be, last time you tried to catch him, he nearly killed an entire army because he was getting annoyed", Watson warns the council, while having a lollipop in his mouth and sitting on a desk with his legs crossed.

"You know he's too dangerous to be left alone, especially with men", said Nagase Yaeuhide.

"Homophob", Watson said in a small, but kind of loud whisper.

"You know, I have the ears of an elephant, besides I actually accept your relationship with Kenzo, even though you have better options", said Hirabayashi Yoshitora.

"I find that offensive, Kenzo will always be the best choice for me", said Watson. 

Watson gets down from the desk and sets the lollipop on fire as he licks it out his mouth, then looks at Nagase Yaeuhide. "Listen, Star isn't a threat, only if you threaten him, more likely he left his planet to go back to Earth, he said he loves that place better, and that place is under my protection. So, until he actually tries to blow up the planet, kill me or my family, then you leave him be".

Watson stares at Nagase Yaeuhide with intense fury.

Nagase Yaeuhide sighs and says "Fine, I'll let him stay under your care, but if there's proof that Earth will be destroyed, we will interfere".

"Fine, but only then", said Watson. "What's the other thing?"

"Of course, to do that you have the elves in the human world, you must sign these papers and they must stay in a functioning house and you must report everyday on their progress", said Nagase Yaeuhide.

"And don't be funny, putting what they do, every minute of every day, just the important things", said Harigae Yuko.

"I already have the papers signed thanks to my deputy Atheni and Athony, and a notebook to give a report", said Watson, showing a floating notebook and a bag of paper.

"Impressive, you have grown from what you were", said Nagase Yaeuhide.

"I don't know if I should feel insulted or proud", said Watson, with an uncertain look on his face."Oh well, if that's all I have a husband to get to".

Watson slowly walks away.

"Watson, I would look out around here, many people have thirst for people like your husband", Harigae Yuko warns Watson.

"Don't worry, he's stronger than he looks, especially in spirit", said Watson with a dark aura in the form of a dragon behind him.

"Then, that's all", said Harigae Yuko.

"Great", said Watson, then teleports away.

A person in the shadow moves and says "You're going to try to test him, aren't you".

"Yes, Yes, I am. But, later", said Harigae Yuko.

In a city, full of fairies, pixies, spirits, ghosts, monsters etc.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Kylo.

Rocco sees an elf and a vampire talking, while by a bookstore.

Zoey takes a picture of herself with a ghost of a girl who has short brown hair, white skin, rags, and she jumps with shock.

Since, the ghost showed up in the picture.

"Ghost not showing up in pictures is just a rumor", said the ghost.

"Really? Then, say cheese", said Nora, with a camera.

"Cheese", said the ghost, with a smile.

"Where's Rocco?" asked Zoey.

Zoey and Nora see Rocco playing with a bunch of kindergarten elves playing with Rocco.

"He seems okay", said Jaxtyn.

"And look Beau wants to join her", said Zoey, seeing Beau getting excited.

"Fine, have fun", said Nora, unhooking Beau and Beau runs to Rocco.

Both dogs were jumping for joy.

"Look at them", said Zoey, and took a picture.

Jaxtyn feels a tap on shoulder and turns around to see a boy who has long curly blonde hair, glowing white skin, wearing a grey suit, grey jacket, and black shoes named Barak.

"Hello, my name is Barak, here's some paper", said Barak, then gives paper to Jaxtyn and Kylo, but not the others.

Jaxtyn and Kylo sees a picture of him singing and under the picture and says "Tonight at YellowQuaza, the song of 'Hearts' is going to be played, all guys invited".

"Hope, you come", said Barak, then disappeared.

"It's a gay club", said Kylo, looking at Jaxtyn.

"Should we go?" asked Jaxtyn, looking at Kylo.

"No, we don't even know about this place", said Nora, taking the paper.

"I do", said a voice.

Everybody jumps and sees Star.

"Who are you?" asked Zoey.

"I'm Star, a mutant, and creator of that club on that paper", said Star, with a smile.

"Is it safe there?" asked Zoey, concerned.

"Of course, they don't attack people, they just sing, and they all beautiful voices, also they have a restaurant for many people, but you know only guys are allowed, anyway it's a Normal place, plus you are regular humans so you will be fine", said Star.

"When is tonight?" asked Jaxtyn and Kylo.

"When the phoenix flies by, you see the sun doesn't come down here", said Star. 

Star points to the mountains, and says "That's where the moon is".

"This place is odd", said Mila.

"True, but it's still a magical place, bye", said Star, then runs away.

"Wait!" called Nora.

Star stops and walks back to them.

"What's up?" asked Star, with a smile.

"Can you show us this place? So I know it's safe", said Nora.

"Got it", said Star.

Star teleports them away.


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