REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Chapter#10,Book#1) Read Count : 45

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
After transformation of Balvin into Dark Knight Drabot reassembled  himself and ready to destruction again. That magician girl came there again by teleportation. Her arival shocked everyone. Then Dark  Knight said "But you said it will be destroyed?" Then Dark Knight felt that another astroid came very near to the Zakandlas and this time it was huge and powerful than previous. Dark Knight told this to King Helorrx and Queen Electra. After this they decided that King and Queen will stop that astroid and Balvin will fight with Drabot and demon. Then Balvin asked to magician girl "You want to fight or want to ran away girl?" "Not at all? I can't miss this action and my name is DELLA. Now listen i will handle Drabot and demon is yours. Okay?" Replied by Della. Balvin smiled and said "Got it!" Then Della putted out here sward flew in air  and gave a great slash to Drabot. On the other hand Helorrx and Electra were busy with astroid. They were so much tiered but they were using their whole power. Dark Knight took that demon and Drabot  far away from the civilians and then Demon and Dark Knight came face to face. They both ran towards each other and punched. That punch made a visport. Then demon putted out his long and big hammer and hitted it on Balvin but his shield saved him and refracted the force. Finally Della stopped Drabot through her magic. She landed on surface and took a deep breath. After sometime Drabot broke the magic and freed him self. Then he hitted Della with his long and spiky tail. Della got crashed so far when she opened her eyes she were across the city and crashed into Knightarea. She was on the front of magical huge tree. When she focus on the tree she finally got the solution for their problems. 



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    Aug 01, 2020

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