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I just got into a fight with my unborn babies father. I leave in anger and start walking home, as he follows me down the road begging me to get in the car, I stubbornly walk on. I finally give up and get in the car, as I sit in the passenger seat, I'm suddenly flushed with a vision. In the vision I get a peek at what my unborn babies sex is and a full out vision of his life. After the vision ends, my son's father looked at me and asked what I saw. I was shocked he knew I'd just had a vision and told him about it. His reply after I got done telling him my vision was "At least I know now we'll be together for a long time" boy was he ever wrong. That other person I saw at the end was my youngest son, not my oldest's father. My oldest son's dad was killed in 1991 by playing Russian Roulette. When he didn't have the nerve to pull the gun his brother n law did it for him. Before calling 911 they cleaned up the evidence and he died en-route to the hospital. That guy is also dead now shot in the head by his wife. So see karma got the guy who killed my son's father. This proves we don't need to be violent, but to trust the universe to take revenge for us.


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