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I am that "Hello" that you ignore,
When you are trying to be in front of them,
In front of them
To be a bad boy.

  You are that message I leave on seen,
Strong characters. 
We will see at the end who will win,
Losing the other.

I am that feeling that you are trying to control.
  When you want more, dear.
But I am happy,
Even with less than I deserve it.

Our souls are attracted like two magnets,
But they are fighting in wrong bodies
And our feelings getting lost,
Turning into errors.

I'm that goodbye you put on your lips so easily,
When someone asks you
If you want to talk with me anymore.

I am the person your heart fears
To fall in love with,
But I am afraid it is already too late.
  Because your heart has already
Fallen in love.


  • Jun 07, 2020

  • Really well written, and I especially love the way you end your poem

    Jun 07, 2020

  • beautifully inked

    Jun 07, 2020

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