Just Want Things Back To Normal Read Count : 19

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I hold my breath 

hold it in until couldn’t 

take it any longer, 

I begin to text you again 

we chat for a bit 

on the same day in different times. 

How could you not talk to me? 

You want me to wait 

its turn into days 

I feel deeply sad, 

when you didn’t tell me 

anything you do your own things. 

Why you avoid texting me? 

You rather talk to others 

not with me it’s hurt me deeply 

I try to be a good girlfriend to you, 

I understand you want to be alone 

doesn’t mean you should do this to me. 

Could we go back we used to be? 

The pain you put me through 

shot me with a bow and arrows 

I take it out its oozes out from my body, 

I wouldn’t break you apart 

still love you very much. 

Would you talk to me again? 

I think you’re being uncommunicative

it’s be easier if you tell me 

your needs instead of saying nothing, 

I tell you everything I talk to you 

about my wants and my needs 

you could do that to. 

Would you be more open to me? 

We’re boyfriend and girlfriend 

we should listen to each other’s wants and needs, 

I would be in your position 

you be in my position 

we could understand each other, 

I just want things back to normal 

go back the way it is. 


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