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I heard a song about you, love. 
 I read a book over your lips.
  I felt the wind saying your name.
  This is the love I felt. 

 My eyes watching you around the room, 
Two canceled plane tickets.  
Comrades, until life has changed 
Our final destination. 

 Your smile is like a poster,
 My hands outlining your lips. 
 The perception of love
 Was different until I met your eyes.

  She is a pretty girl 
Who likes to dance in the rain,
 Because she knows
That does not last long,
 And she has to enjoy. 

 We are like children who only need 
A touch to feel loved, 
But that hand can sometimes hit. 
Damage is what I'm feeling. 

I heard a song today, my dear
 In which someone calls your name.
Maybe was myself, 
Maybe was the rain.


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