An Orthopedic Nightmare Read Count : 19

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

My dream started out in a hospital. I was sitting in a lounge chair in a doctor's office, and I felt fine, but when I looked in the mirror my arms were completely deformed because I had broken them

The doctor was going to give me surgery, but when the surgery started I wasn't under anesthesia or anything. The doctor started cutting into my throat through my mouth and said he was taking out my tonsils. Then, I 'went under'.

I woke up from the surgery and was bleeding everywhere. I couldn't stop bleeding and the whole floor was filling with blood. I woke up from this nightmare to notice that the water bottle I sleep with had come open and spilled all over my bed!

What do you think about this dream? 

-I just think about this story it is not true -

But what about your dream can you share it? 

    Thought of the day: it is ok to dream unless it's good.

                                                                  ~Noemi C.~


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