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"The world is deceived"

Yes, it is a Biblical passage but I was not able to copy the exact verse.

This is the point every time I think of "The World is Deceived". I know it could never be precarious yet capricious if not to the universe then, to my self alone.

The only thing is I have a skeptical period of time of releasing the potentialities of me for the total nothingness.

It is a possibility for me that my talents will be wasted for nothing. Like a falling star, after all the fading shine, it went to nothing. No more no less. 

But of course, be generous. Be generous enough to be an unknown victim of the decade or a century perhaps. That in the big perspective of of our actions, we became the PREYS of the manipulative predators. They become full because of us, we became like gold diggers and be exterminated after they got all the treasures in us. 

I never think of promotions, I only take this skeptical time to be always a provision for the predators, because I am busy enough to plan when to shine myself in an expected ways. 

But, it is the outlet of my imagination. It is the world of my unfathomable thoughts. Its like vial of specimen in a limited period of happiness or if not a precarious glory of my name. 

As of now, I can't see it. When I feel it, then, I have to let it go. Not because it can be a waste of time, but because it could be a source of happiness in precarious time.

My potential in writing, once it slipped away, its just like a delight of orgasm, I cannot regret it but the destiny of sperm cells could either be in the destiny of moment to be wasted, or in a destiny to be conducive for generation. 

How I wish to be a proud owner of such splendid masterpiece, where the golden dwarf statue will be coming on my right hand on the shining stage of glory and fame.

I will just be generous enough to explode my passion in writing despite of reptiles gruppling my optimistic time in my head.

Yes, I continue to do it. Because, I know I can reap all things that I sowed.

I am encouraged to specify the deceptions of the century, but,... excuses, the tupsy turvy of my clues are requiring satisfying time to press up for persuading the universe. 

Let me have first my first strong reputation, then I will let you taste the flavor of my Mercuric substances. I am a random boy under the Zagittarian sign, where you can expect the game of archery where the rules are set up to release or to lock up the bsttle of universal veracity. 

You know what I mean? Yes, the preponderance of war of words as larger than life principle.

This is it. The community of deception or it is nothing. 

The press is for the people or it is absolutely, nothing!

I salute this community, now let my skeptical time welcome you in my world of fantasy and dreams.

Goodluck, to ME!


  • fair enough!

    Jun 06, 2020

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