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"To forget someone, you have to stop
Writing about the person you love..." 
That's what a friend said.
But how can I stop the pen
From writing about you again? 

But how do I stop the heart
That wants to spread love
On this paper
In the frame of a poem?

  "To forget someone,
You have to stop thinking about that person
Who occupies your whole mind..."
Said again that friend.

  But how can I do that,
When I can't stop thinking about it. 
To stop my heart from feeling,
It should stop my heart beating. 

Forgetting someone is not as easy
As the others say.
Only those who have never loved
Cannot understand what I mean.

Forgetting someone
Is something I may never be able to do,
It will stay there,
Deeply inside me.


  • Jun 06, 2020

  • Titas Sengupta

    Titas Sengupta

    exactly. It is really hard to forget the person you love. I have felt it

    Jun 06, 2020

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