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The zephyr that calms the gentle of night
It sings the sweetness of the leaves and tress, 
Wild ferns sway along the way of the dark
Under the moonlight of the white lady.

There is a gray blossom of the rock
Beside the hip of this beautiful lady
She touched with care and told the world:
"Oh world, you are sweet in darkness fairly."

The moonlight that gives shadows to the rock
The deafening silence of the cool breeze
Lullaby of souls that normalize the earth.
And the blossom became melody of night.

Hear the incantation of the ladies
Lands are mad, water exploded in rage,
Fires are merciless, air becomes selfish,
This is a melody with unknown sign.

Come, and sing! You blinded people 
You have valued freedom higher than faith,
Summoning God with laws of deceptions.
Without knowing the margin of endings.


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    Jun 06, 2020

  • Jun 06, 2020

  • Jun 07, 2020

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