Zodiac Signs : Kids At A Playground . Read Count : 22

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Comedy
Aries  :  Climbing  trees  to help Aquarius  with their leaf collection .⭐🌟GETS STUCK IN  THE  TREE  🌟⭐.
Sagittarius  : Pushing  Scorpio  on the swings.
Scorpio  :  Laughing  their head off because  their having  fun  with  Sag . 
Virgo  :  The kid that acts like a Vampire . 
Tarus  :  Major  sugar  high from sharing candy and   soda with  Leo .
Piscies : Fell asleep in sandbox . 
Libra  :  wants to  play  spin the  bottle  under the  slide .
Cancer  :  watches all the other kids play but is too rude none  of  the  others  will play with  them.
Capricorn  : the bully hit pushing  name calling  the  other kids.
Gemini  : the pretty  girl with cute headbands  and skirts to wear just for the  playground , sassy  to the others .
Aquarius  :  trying  to  get  Aries  out of the tree, recives  the best leafs from Aries . 


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