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If the day does not end, 
Why does the night come?
  If you have no feelings,
 Why do you miss them?  

But if the world ends, 
Who will be your best company? 
 If it weren't for darkness,
 How would the light shine so brightly? 

 If there was no end, 
How would we start something new? 
 If we did not feel the pain,
 How would we know how much we are in pain?

  If everything stops, 
You will come, right? 
 Intoxicated by promises,
 I will pretend to believe all your words.

  Turn off the radio 
And go out on the balcony,
 Enjoy the nature and send me a letter 
With the words you couldn't write for me.

  If everything disappears,
 I will take you by the hand, 
I will take you to another world,
 To become happy again.


  • Jun 06, 2020

  • Jun 06, 2020

  • Jun 06, 2020

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