REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#9) Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
When Helorrx and Electra flew away Hatrex and his magicians went to a building which is located at another city FLAMIA. Hatrex entered in a room and ordered his magician to stay out.
He went to that room because he kidnapped Balvin and locked up him in this building. Balvin was so tired and he was a little injured too. Hatrex waked up him by dropping water on him. Balvin waked up and when he saw Hatrex he said in anger "You betrayer! I never can't imagined that you can do this. I will kill you!" Then Hatrex laughed loudly and replied "Oh! You will kill me. You even can't keep an eye on me. Now you see what can i do!" After this Hatrex turned around opened the door and leaved that building. Then he ordered his driver to ready the car for Knightria and he converted his two magician into dangerous demons through his magic as guardians for Balvin andthen he went towards Knightria. In space Helorrx and Electra were so tight. They were waiting for a person. Then Helorrx connected with Electra through telepathy. He said "What do you thought he will come or not?" Electra replied "He will come for sure!". Then after 2 hours Hatrex reached at Knightria. He have a big and dangerous plan he went to castle and orderd his all magician to ready his dragon for activation. At Flamia Balvin was tried to escaped but he was tied up in chains. Then he got an idea he made a strange sound. That two demons were laughing on him. Then immediately something broke the wall and hited demons. It was an electric wolf and his name was BOLT. Bolt was the pet of Balvin. He saved Balvin in many  wars. Bolt broke the chains of Balvin and start licking him. Balvin said "Yes yes i missed you too now lets go we have a fight to win!" Then he ride on Bolt and ran towards Knightria. But in space the condition was so critical Helorrx was using his all power but he can't push back that astroied he just can stopped him for some days. In Knightria Hatrex was just made up his Drabot. This thing started scaring the people. And then Balvin came there and called his army for a big battle. Hatrex saw him from the castle and ordered his magicians to killed Balvin. Army need 20 minutes to reached at Knightria so Balvin have to fight alone. He lifted up his hand in the sky and a shield came out from the castle and came in Balvin's hand that shield made up from the power of Electra and Helorrx power. This shield gifted by King and Queen to Balvin this shield have a long blade on it. Balvin and bolt were fight a lot and good and then army finally came and cover Balvin. Balvin finally reached at Drabot but its to late Drabot have been activated and started suckling up the thunder's souls but he cannot sucked up Balvin's soul. Because he have that shield. Then Hatrex jumped out from the balcony and came into battle field he through a fire ball with his magical staff toward Balvin someone safed him she was a girl and a magician too. Balvin putted up his shield and said "O so do you think you can kill me like this?" "No duffer i am saving you I am on your side now listen. That killing machine have a red jewel on his head you have to break it! Then Hatrex ordered Drabot to destroy that astroied. Balvin called Bolt and ran towards Drabot. Then Bolt jumped towards Drabot and Balvin jumped on Drabot. Drabot reached and space in seconds. Balvin called that magician girl through a communication device and said "Hurry take my jet and when this beast will blast you will save King and Queen!"  She do this and then Balvin broke that jewel. A big visport completely distoryed that machine and that astroied and that magician save King and Queen but she cannot save Balvin. When the jet landed Electra and Helorrx ran towards dead body of Balvin. Hatrex and his magicians ran away from there but he leaved there a huge demon. That demon distorying everything. Then a light came from the sky and shined on Balvin. In his mind God was talking with him he said him to get up and fight. Then that light changing Balvin into a super hero. Helorrx said "Yes he is the Mighty DARK KNIGHT"


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