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We were so in love, 
I wouldn't have thought, 
I'd have to travel alone 
Since you gave up.

  With a baggage of memories, 
Crawling after me, 
The fire of love for you,
Has long gone out. 

 I'm still burning, 
And I'm falling like a star,
 Searching after ground
 To rest at your feet.  

We were so close,
 I thought it would take years
 For someone to break us up,
Until you disappeared.

  Happy hours,
 Thousands of promises,
 Bow I'm stuck here, 
Far from my destination.

  Your kiss was so sweet 
That I got drunk at the first touch,
 But you invited me to live alone
 Without you by my side.  

We were so in love,
 Now I love alone 
And fall like a leaf 
On the ground.


  • Jun 05, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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