My Love For You Will Save Yourself Read Count : 24

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When the world will fall,
I will lift you up. 
Even if I fall,
You will be safe.

  I will burn my desires to leave yours alive,
The impossible will become possible
Through your big brown eyes. 
We both grew up in an intoxicated world,
We must die healthy in love. 

Paradise is a few inches away from your finger,
You just have to touch it to feel it.
I ran after you until you stopped,
It's unbelievable how we clashed. 

Even if the rain falls,
I will be your umbrella,
The raindrops will bypass your body,
falling over me.

When the world stops,
I will turn it,
Because my love for you
Will save yourself.


  • Jun 05, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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