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While trying to persue others,
I forgot who I was.
But while trying to pursue myself,
I forgot what others are.

Deep inside, I feel something,
Echoing of the mourns and pains,
Listening, my heart starts shivering,
Considering myself, but really not a bane.

It's as if something I lost,
Want to regain, but it's unworthy vain.
Not really know what it is,
But in my life, it's somehow main.

No one knows when is my last cry,
The cry of pain, the cry of love or of tear,
Never will know when'll be God's call,
When is it the absolute end of love and fear!!

Thank you
Hope you enjoyed reading.
God bless☺️☺️


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    Jun 05, 2020

  • You mentioned wattpad on my post, is it app or just a website

    Jun 05, 2020

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