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You left without a reason
I waited all day for your arrival
You came back with an excuse
Love cover flaws! i say
Welcomed you with open arms
Arose the love in me
You left me hanging again
For the second time
I can't take it anymore! I say
Yet found myself always
On your wall checking how you doing
You ain't my first 
But why considering you to be my last
Many have come after you
None stand a chance against you
Am hypnotised by you
I think the world of you
Wandering why you didn't see 
What I saw in you in me
Wished for amnesia to forget about you
Wish never came to pass
I looked high and low
All i could ask is
What is it about you?....


  • well written dear... God bless you. I think you must publish your poems on another worldwide platform namely Wattpad.It has a very nice functioning and a lot of readers who will encourage you and inspire you to write more.👍👍

    Jun 05, 2020

  • Linford Ayub

    Linford Ayub

    good poetry

    Jun 05, 2020

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