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As Marie laid relaxing in her foamy bath, a few candles barely lighting the bathroom, absorbed in her book, she heard a sound. 
Like a shattering glass . 
   "Who is there?" She asked, only silence could respond to her question. " while it might be nothing serious," she convinced herself . Then for focused on her book. She then noticed a person's shadow which suddenly disappeared. She could't believe her eyes and that what she saw was real but just a projection of her imaginations. Fear and the silence in the house entangled her. She dressed up quickly , got her phone cell phone but as soon as she dealt her husbands' phone number, a muscular hand grabbed her phone from her ear. 
   "Don't move , don't do anything stupid." It was a horsey voice of a man with a black mask on his face, that Marie could barely recognize him 
" who are you and what do you want in my house?" She asked . 
The man replied, " calm down woman , undress now else I will kill you instantly'" he threatened her. He started forcing himself on her until Marie lost her conscious, by the time she gained her consciousness the rapist was nowhere to be found. 

  She stayed helpless, hurt and disturbed, not knowing what to tell her husband as they got married the previous day.  


  • 👏 Can"t wait for more

    Jun 05, 2020

  • Nice script

    Jun 05, 2020

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