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Sometimes I feel completely alone, 
I feel that those I talk to,
 I can't get along.
And that hurts me too.

  I shed one tear after another, 
Rivers flow over my heart,
I go nowhere and I am no longer 
The man of yesterday time. 

  I'm silent, 
I've lost my voice, 
I can't scream anymore 
Because my head still hurts.

 I feel like I fall through every hour 
That passes over me,
 When I try to get up,
 I can't find any raised hand that could help me. 

 Many say they feel like me, 
But I think it's different, 
I crush with the people on the street,
Because I have no good direction.  

Sometimes I feel dead inside, 
Like a sleepless zombie, 
They think I'm fine, 
But I feel like a homeless.


  • Jun 05, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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