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Last night I had a dream
Of a false fiction reality
That he came back to see me
And that we kissed
Most than slightly on the lips
And unlike our first date
It didn’t feel the exact same
It was something I knew
A comfortable feeling that is a brew
In my heart I feel the healing
I feel the scared yet peacful feeling
In my head if he knew how much I care and loved for him
He would be different just then
Even though I know he admires my soul
He has never stayed true to his own
I didn’t deserve love at his convenience
Him and I
We took my innocents
And that look he gave me with those eyes
Is deadly
It could kill any girl, but me
He always underestimated me
I was a wilted red rose
Maybe just is his eyes
But I suppose
Whoever thought that was right
I was a flower that bloomed in the wintertime
As I was resting during fall
It is coming close to summertime
Now this time is my death after all
But a sunflower I am
A flower full of golden, browns, yellows and greens
I put myself together again and again
This is just me
Thank you for taking this time
To understand my story line

He knew my misunderstood ness
He says he saw my beautiful mess
But then why does he still and will always have regrets
Because I find that every year
He will shed a single sparkling tear
Of regret
Because of the fact he buries his ability to see his own specail mess
He used to brush my hair while sitting behind me
But he fled
And 2019 Valentine’s Day he brought my favorite white rose to me
Until that March, when he left
Hopping girl to girl
In his own un-majestic demon filled world
I deserve tender love and care
And unlike him, I am a person who is always there
So learn a lesson from this
When you leave me, stay gone
I am the fire in this
In this house of bricks that was once my home
I have fires in my body and in my heart
Passion, strength, dignity and integrity
From what I’ve seen fire is just the start
Because coldness started to creep from inside me
And now with a blue pill
I am not so mentally ill
I lay in a bed that makes my body sore
Or maybe it’s just the stress
Either way that girl I chose is who I am no more
I say to this dome shaped world, “did I pass the test?”
Indeed or not so much
I am a spiral filled masterpiece with love
Good nor bad
Is love
Humanity gets joyful and sad
I am so, neutral
My love is your savoir or your ego death, brutal
I wanted to dance with a boy with a name
That rhymes with night, and with day
In nothing but an oversized t-shirt
He sueduced me even as a girl who does not own even one skirt
So today I rest my case
I never wanted to go hunting, but I ended up almost every time being the prey
I am living inside of a lavender hoodie
That loves my masterpiece
So to all the writers in history
What do we do similarly
Don’t we all have some of the same misery?


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