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Put her first 
If you want the relationship to last.
Don't have a second thought
That her love thrills your heart
But hers is just lust
For you might break a loving heart.

To your fife she'll jive
If you strive and thrive
And in a conive
Queen her as a king's wife.
With a fork and a knife,
Share the cake as you laugh.

Take pics while lips kiss
 Mix fluids while you fix rips
With fewer lies and tricks,
Strengthen strings, grips and clips.

When she's first,
Life is sweet 
Like honey 
Or money,
Perhaps peace...
With all the broken pieces
Of the heart combined,
No need of a concubine
As love binds
You together forever.



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    Jun 04, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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