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I thought we could 

tell each other about 

things that bother us, 

you haven’t talk to me 

throughout the whole day 

yesterday I begin to 

worry sick about you. 

What’s going on? 

What happen? 

I deeply care about you, 

I love you deeply 

I won’t be your girlfriend,

if I don’t care for 

you as a person.

I want to be inside your heart 

give out my heart to you, you’re 

my boyfriend I want to love you with 

all my might. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? 

Are you feeling stressed? 

Is something I say or do make you don’t want to talk to me? 

I’m deeply sorry I ask so many questions

I’m in a worry state of you 

I know you wanted some time being alone, 

you would be back after you have your well rested break. You have made me more worry 

about you, I just want to hear your voice or through text let me know. You’re doing good 

but you haven’t talk to me at all, yesterday 

you are make me worry sick about you. 

Wouldn’t you just let me know you’re alright? 

Can you let me know you’re okay? 

You didn’t talk to me 

it’s make me feeling anxious and tense 

I’m worried about my sweetie


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