Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 11) : Read Count : 22

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You and Daniel went to the hospital to see of your friends are okay. When you got there Jonah was telling the doctor that you and Daniel were coming to see your friend Ari.  The doctor said "okay".  You and Daniel and Jonah go to Ari's room. You say her name "ARI!!" but not to loud and she also says "Y/N!!"  You go up and hug her, she hugs you back. You tell her everything that had happened to her. She then looks sad, but she says "I have to tell you something". You asked "what is it".   You look at Ari, and she says "That she is 3 weeks pregnant".  You look so shocked that you wanted to scream. 

The cops called you and said "that Corbyn has to stay in jail till he is unbrunk" you said "okay".  The next day you get a call saying " that Corbyn can come home now".  You said "okay and picked him up". When he gets in the car he looks at you and says " Y/N, you should find a better boyfriend, and I am so sorry that I hurt you and everyone else, maybe it will be better if I stay away from you." You look at him when you stop at a red light and you say "Corbyn you are a great boyfriend, we all forgive you, but watch how much you drink, my Baby Bean I love you." 


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