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Hello my fellow writers! How are you all doing? It is my sincerest hope that everyone is well and safe in whichever part of the world you may be.

I was going through the Writer's Outlet library and found one common "woe" among this community, which is the lack of read count and response on contents/writings/books. There are some writers here who are on other writing apps who may seem to think that they'd be getting a ton of read counts on their writings here in Writer's Outlet, but when that doesn't happen, they may feel discouraged. 

Writer's Outlet is different from other writing apps in many ways. For example, Writer's Outlet has a team who promotes writers of Writer's Outlet on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, enabling writers to get a much wider audience outside of Writer's Outlet. I know this for a fact because I am part of that promotions team. I have been promoting writers of Writer's Outlet on social media platforms. People who are not on this writing app have clicked on the writing link of the writers I've promoted and have read their writings. And when we talk about social media, anybody who is anybody could choose to click on the links. The possibility of writers here being discovered by publishers, editors, film directors, song writers, or just simply anybody, is high. Think about that.

At the same time, you can also do your part to help yourself. Share your own links on your social media platforms or on Messenger or on WhatsApp or on SMS. Tell your family and friends about your involvement with Writer's Outlet and invite them to read your writings, and if they too are interested in writing, invite them to download the app to be part of our community. We all have voices here so let our voices travel far and be heard. 

If you look at the read count section, you will notice two columns. One column shows a blank face figure, while the other column shows a circle with the word guest in it. The numbers under the blank face figure indicates the number of read counts you get from this community or users who are registered to Writer's Outlet. The numbers under the circle with the word guest in it indicates the number of read counts you get from people outside of this app who had clicked on your writing link and read your writing. 

In short, it is very possible to increase the number of your read counts, to get people to hear your voice, to read your words. Writer's Outlet provides this sharing possibility for each of us to help ourselves. Use it. Start sharing your writing links on social media platforms. And while you're at it, if you have a favourite writer here on Writer's Outlet, why not help share their link as well. After all, we are a community and sharing is caring. 


  • 💯✌

    Jun 04, 2020

  • I mean yeah, you are right. When I got mad at the success of other people reaching over 100 views on tjis a an over 20 comments about how much they love the book story an writings the stuff I wasn't getting I work so hard to try to achieve, I deleted my account, friends, An little love I got, that just wasn't enough for the amount of hours I put to finsh my horor stories I only make the time, since April 2019. And adjusted to my focus on Wattpad app. Got what I wanted there people loved my book stories 120 views, 27 ratings on Bloodlust an 49 views an 28 ratings for My Last Cold Case. An 19 followers an good friends we just support each other on each others stories we make. My name was Poppy Writer. Haven't reached Legend league yet. Over million views an thousands of ratings an over a million followers yet, but it's a beginner start I appreciated at first.

    Jun 04, 2020

  • This is very well written and hopefully will help everyone understand the purpose of the app and encourage more sharing. Thank you Zee

    Jun 04, 2020

  • serene Choksi

    Serene Choksi


    Jun 05, 2020

  • Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    Sarah Amber Pipkin.

    HAPPY PRIDE MOUTH!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    Jun 08, 2020

  • you're right.😘😘 I also sheare my writing link with my friends in social network. They always inspire me. My friend want to join this app. I also help her...tnx...👍👍

    Jun 17, 2020

  • Fatima Rehman

    Fatima Rehman

    Yeah ur right... I get very less views... Can u recommend any other apps too

    Jun 18, 2020

  • Jun 27, 2020

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