My Friend Is Trapped In A Harmful Love Read Count : 22

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My friend is trapped in a harmful love. 
 I wanted to help her,
 But I feel my hands tied,
All I feel now is compassion.  

I know that whatever I tell,
 She will forgive him. 
 Because I know when love is blind, 
Even the eyes are no longer able to see.

  Don't cry, baby. 
 No one deserves your tears. 
 I hug you hard until
 I can dry your humble face.

  Love hurts damn bad, girl. 
 But be strong for yourself. 
 He will return alone.
  Don't run after him again.

  Sometimes it is better to let out
 The hands that force us to change.
  Do not pour your soul over empty bodies
 That are not able to offer love. 

 Two days later he called her 
And she returned to him.
Now, she is suffering again.  
I'm sorry, girl.  
I'm sorry, seeing your soul being hurt again.


  • Jun 04, 2020

  • Jun 04, 2020

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