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A big problem here is that there are those walking among us ,who are dead.  Spiritually dead,  they breathe  they move, but they lack the humanity that used to come with being human.  
There are an ever growing # of these soul stripped people...
 The officer that killed Floyd lacked something.... LIFE! 
 We can see that in his blatant disregard for life as we know it to be.
Those that are alive...,that have spiritual life inside of them ,are connected by this life force. &
they can be recognized by their regard for living things!  
Many of those protesters and rioters are only serving to widen the gap between the living and the dead.
 That officer obviously had a complete lack of connection to the living being being crushed under his weight.  He did not care. He did not feel empathy, sympathy, nor will he feel regret other than for being discovered...caught...! Living things have regard for other living things...period! Every living thing matters every single tiny thing is..MATTER.  This is a fact of matter itself!! The changing,removing or harming of these things will affect the system in wich it exists! It will affect the final outcome, the big picture...one pixel will become an irrefutable glitch when viewed in glaring retrospection.  Higher resolution = more thorough investigation.  The action that resulted in the death of one man, is not anything new, it it the audience that suddenly became aware! Suddenly took an interest, and had a marked response for specific reason. I believe if there were truly an outrage over racist police activities it would have sparked a ling time ago!! What we are seeing is a brutal attempt at national discord.  AND IT IS WORKING JUST LIKE THEY KNEW IT WOULD!! By allowing those whose souls and spirits have been replaced by demonic forces to show violent explosive displays,...while those who truly FEEL GENUUNE OUTRAGE AT THE INJUSTICE MUST RESIST THE PULL TO JOIN IN THE VIOLENCE!! THEY MUSH SHOW THEIR RESOLVE AND STRENGTH....by not following violence with more violence!! More and more we see the living standing out, having become the exception and no longer the norm....they must continue to show their regard for all thing living...continue to recognize each other by their connection to living things. A fully functioning human with a spirit and a soul will not be involved in outrageous acts of violent protest or damaging displays,...  So take this as a glimpse of things to come...and heed a warning!! Protect the vital humanity inside of the endangered human species! Recognize one another in love, in worship, in avoidance of all things of a demonic nature.  There is no longer separation between demons and humanity...we must learn to live around one another, and recognize the differences... Teach the ways that jesus taught for spiritual protection and strength, If any spiritual being wants to remain they must not let violent disregard poision them... Do not let that become who you are... BKACK, WHITE,YELLOW OR OTHERWISEIS NO LONGER A DRIVING FACTOR ONLY A HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE.... LOVE IS STILL LOVE, resounding all encompassing, Reaching the furthest, lasting forever. Unchanged, an fettered by I'll intention, un deterred by time   LOVE...the way the universe intended for us to recieve it..  Not the I'll fitting conceptualized pre packaged notion..of love.! Nor an emotionally triggered endorphins releasing chemical re action!!! No not that love!! The real true love that is GODS LOVE. WICH IS ETERNAL IN ALL THINGS AND WILL ALWAYS WIN ! PERIOD AMEN...ETERNALLY....


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    Jun 28, 2020

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