Brother Wolf And Sister Cat Chapter:2 Read Count : 27

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Childrens
One day, when brother wolf and sister cat were eating lunch, they heared some sounds coming behind the bushes. Brother wolf went near the bushes and tried to see to who is behind. As he moved the bushes, a black furry hand came towards him. Brother wolf ran backwards. There was a big langoor coming towards  brother wolf. Sister cat saw her brother lied on the floor and was afraid of the langoor. Because langoor eats wolves. Brother wolf was thinking to protect her sister cat first. But what he saw? The wolf saw that his sister cat is not that small. She was changing herself into a form of a giant animal. Sister cat became a "puma cat" Brother wolf was shocked to see that. She did this only to protect her brother. The langoor was also shocked and was trying to understand what is going there. The puma cat then hit her paw into langoor's mouth. The langoor fell down. Then she jumped on his stomach and remained jumping until the langoor started crying. The langoor then ran far away from the forest. Brother wolf thanked her sister. The sister cat said, 'That time you protected me from the monkey. So today was my turn to give you the reward of it.' Brother wolf and sister cat hugged each other and smiled. Cat changed herself to her previous form. Both the brother and sister had some magical powers which they used when needed. 🐺🐱


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