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Church is not a building neither  is it protocols. Church is the body of Christ and not a building. 

What  defines a church is not a Denomination  but; the Devinity in humanity. This means that church is not a religion but,Christ's life living inside of you.

So whats the point of devisions? Someone might ask why did you write  about this,lets see what your views will say also on what is a CHURCH?

As for me,i wrote this letter for someone to be helped much more to be enlightened  in his or her understanding. 

I am hearing about Doctrines and if i am to ask, does the word of God have other doctrines which  is not the one and only Doctrine of Christ?
Where are other doctrines coming from? 

When i read the word of God i found out that we have one doctrine, the Pauline doctrine, which is of Christ. The doctrine that dismisses  all doctrines from the Old Testament  to the New Testament even after the finished written Bible.

As a result of the Pauline doctrine, we stand to have no doctrine at all, yes because Christ made us the fruits of redemption not the redeemed.

Many people believe  in doctrines  because they think they are the redeemed ones, yet Christ is the redeemed one.

What is causing devision in the body of Christ?The Doctrines right; So what do you think about the denominations that are all around the world as they are claming to be the body of Christ.

I am not saying there should not be preaching of the word of God dimensionally,no as the vision of God was given to us and it was given with many dimensions  that even the coming generation will work out miracles beyond what we have done.

I said this because, a certain time  the desciples  of Jesus found some people working out miracles and as they asked Jesus  to go and stop  them, He said leave them for they thought it was  against them. 

Here comes my question,our denominations  are there as a result of the demand of the vision of God or the demand of the soulical pleasure?

It is easy to understand  reality even though some people will fight it, during the time of Jesus there were the Pharisees,Seduces and the Jews. 

Today we have these people inform of denominations did you know? Yes these are those groups of the time of Jesus that are making the body of Christ devides.

But. The truth will  always wins, let me say something that proved my letter as the voice of God.

This 2020 Pandemic, which made the churches to be closed and a notable thing happened, i witnessed more to say participated  on Global prayers hosted by Pastor Chris  and Ben, why did this happen, did someone ask about it? 

If there is let me answer, it happened to prove that there is no docritne beyond the docritne of Christ, there is no denomination beyond the denomination  of Christ, meaning to all we can build  and become, there is always one Church which is the body of Christ.

Not to say Pastor Chris or Pastor Ben are the only vessel used by God to speak, no but what God did through them must make us now understand  what is the Church and why we are the Church?

The Christ is the Church, from the beginning God was always conscious  of His voice, till the voice became flesh and dwell among us, there comes death for it to make us one with God. 

So, even though you heard the voice, ask first on what to do and why, is it about you opening  a Denomination or it is about you serving  in the Denomination that speak of Pauline Doctrine.

Yours Primrose Manika.


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