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A frightened human,

  Seemed to belong no place upon this world.

  Fit in amoung no sociaty,

  Was never accepted amoung any population.


This frightened human,
  Went great lengths to feel accepted,
  Amoung a community,
 Tryin to strive for glory and fame.

 This frightened human,

  Was a lost unindentifiable soul,

  Wanted so badly to be placed,

  With a wonderous-n-special name.

 This frightened human,
Kept tossin-n-turnin over the thousand different beliefs.
 All the effects become futile,
 Emptiness took over, externally it seemed too
 different to fit in any unity.

 This frightened human,
 One day overcame the confusion and pressure of 
 Neverendin false claim: Lettin this life define,  Lifes unmistakeable claims.
 The frightened human,
 Over powered the evil from misleadin in that once  forgotten place.
 Strugglin all the way, to force off the main course,
 Not once believin to avoid the strength-n-courage  gave new face.

 The frightened human,
  Awakin to the delieverance of knowledge that humans,
internal-n-external recieve love-n-grace.

 The frightened human,
 One day become holy-n-rejoyced-n-rewarded with

The greatest gift of all.

                God's Everlasting Child!


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