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When I awoke I was greeted by a sea turtle. I screamed and almost kicked it away in surprise. But realizing it was a turtle I just laugh at my fit. I rub the sand out of my hair and sit up. I grabbed a granola bar from the helmet and ate it as I stared at the airport. I resolved to check this place out and leeching off of their profits. They have plenty to spare. After watching them for an hour I realized that they send out two people in the airplane and gather supplies from an abandoned military outpost. Daring, but reckless. They figured out how to get electricity on by using the solar panels just down the runway. After a long wait, I counted 5 faces walking around the outpost. Counting the two who flew off.
I had found a small crashed stunt plane near one of the hangars. It rests in the sand with a small wing that I can use as a ramp to lead inside. I jumped in and landed on gravel. Slowly creeping over into one of the two semi-circle hangars I concluded that one person was working on the solar panels, probably cleaning them, and two were in the base. I slipped into the hangar and saw that this one was empty. I walked over to the other one and ran into a person. He was around my age and lanky. He looked like he was working on an engine of sorts because of the soot on his face. I quickly took out my bat and stepped away. He stepped away and aimed a wrench at me.
"Who the hell are you!" He yelled. I flinched. He was loud enough for the solar panel person to start run over.
"The person who broke your legs!" despite what I said, I aimed for the arm with the wrench. As I expected he moved his legs away so I caught him off guard. In a quick move, I had him pinned to the ground. Adrenaline had taken over. He wasn't dead just knocked out. I had to move quickly. I am so glad Mother taught me how to fight. I quickly jumped up and grabbed a small A.C unit outside of the hangar and leaped over the fence. I got over and landed on the plane wing. But it was slippery so I slid into the broken cockpit. My foot caught on a smoldered seatbelt strap. I sprained my ankle trying to force it out and I yelped in pain. Mission abort plan failed!
As expected the person working on the solar panels brought the other two that were in the building. The burly man and confident woman looked at me with distrust but disappointment as I crawled in the sand. But I musted up enough to scrambled off on three legs. They were surprised that I could move so quickly and very soon I made it to the bush. Pretty sure they didn't see me. Stupid useless ankle.
I heard rustling nearby. Like someone pushing aside branches. I laid still. I saw a tall girl walk past the bush and towards the beach. She turned and saw me. Our eyes met and we were silent for a moment. Before she screamed out.
"Hey, I found the dude over here!" I heard hurried footsteps. Well, my life is over. I knew that something bad was going to come out of this. Out of pain and exhaustion, I quickly gave up and waited for death to come.
"Hey wake up." Cold water splashed on my face. I quickly woke up and found I was tied to a chair. My bat and helmet were gone. I was in a concrete room with a dim light. The confident woman was standing in front of me with a bucket and the brawny man was standing in front of the stairs. I looked over to my right and there were two men leaning against the walls that look also around my age. So young yet accomplishing so much. One of them had a bandage on their arm. The one I fought. I internally apologized to him. Then the girl who found me was repairing a water pipe. Probably the one cleaning the solar panels. I sighed. Wasn't I supposed to be dead by now?
"Hello, white hair. What are you 50?" She leaned in close and I headbutt her. Sure I had stock white hair but that joke is a bit too far. For me at least. Probably because I heard it so much. Those same exact words. To either me or my mom. We both had white hair and red eyes. Though my eyes were a brighter red. 
She recoiled and held her forehead. The brawny man was walking over but she stopped him.
"No Mitch. it's just a slight bruise. Alright, you sure are feisty. what's an albino like you running around near our hangars? You saw the plane I'm guessing?" I give a nod.
"You came for..." She gave a hand motion. She wanted me to speak. I refuse to speak to my captor. They'll probably get tired of me and either kill me or throw me out.
After a moment of silence, she had gotten tired. "At least say sorry to Kyle. You broke his arm and wrist with that homerun of yours. She pointed at him and he turned away. I look off to the side to show I had no intention of saying sorry. My stomach rang out wanting food. With a grumble, her face found a new light.
"Oh, you were hungry. Well if you speak up and ask we can give you some" Someone opened their mouth in protest but she shushed them. I turned to them and I felt my eye twitch. The nerve of them. I grit my teeth and tried to fight back the hunger. I took one long blink and gave in.
"What the hell do you want then?" I say. trying to be as blunt as possible. I don't want to open up to them. Strangers are enemies. Always. First and Foremost. I should try and get out. But seeing the situation I might have to comply. Though I hate being bossed around.
"Oh, you have a high-pitched voice, so you're a girl, right? Unless you're younger than you look." I look at her with a bored look.
"Oh, I'm flattered," I reply with a sarcastic tone. I do look like a boy. it doesn't bother me. 
"Well. What's your name? Mine is Shirley." She held her hand out. Realizing that I can't she ordered Kyle to come and untie me. I was with some hesitation and no intent on making it a comfortable session. I pulled my hands away with rope marks on the wrists and scrapes. I rub them and wince.
"Call me Teselia" I give Shirley my last name. Why are they being so friendly? Well, Shirley at least. I know Kyle hates my guts and the others have no trust in me but are just putting up with it for... what reason?
I opened my mouth to ask her a question but she shut me up. 
"Look we aren't going to get anywhere with you being so hostile. We'll continue once you have settled in" I immediately stand up and protest.
"You expect me to stay? I only came to steal some food and go. So either punish me or I'll be on my way. Keep my bat for all I care." I got up to start walking. Though I doubt they would let me go so easily. Which it turns out was true. Because I was blocked by the brawny man with a single push. I almost fell to the ground but caught myself.
"Look how about you spend one day with us and you find out how much better it is with us rather than out there," Shirley said the others blindly agreed. At this point, there's no reasoning. I am in a bad position to be making demands. Along with the fact that I was hungry as hell. 
"Fine. Don't make me regret it though. Where's the food?" I ask because I had given up at this point. I'll sneak out the next morning. Possibly tonight. No way I was staying with these guys. Shirley gestured over Kyle and another person called Mike. 
"These two will show you around. Mitch and I have some talking to do." With that, I was ushered out of the room as the brawny dude named Mitch walked over to Shirley. Once we were up the steps we stepped into a hallway. Mike led me while Kyle stood behind me. When I turned back he was a cautious distance apart. I wouldn't blame him.
"So Teselia, that's your name, right? What an exotic name... Where you from? You native?" Mike tried to get a conversation going. He stopped somewhere near what I think is a recreation room and a bedroom.
"Yes. I was born in Helevi in 2034. What you're not native?" I cross my arms and look at him.. Scanning him. He seems friendly enough. Kyle just stands back doing the same to me. I just want to punch him again, just because he hasn't talked at all, which is making me uneasy, and because he has a punchable face. 
"Kyle and I were born around a year earlier in U.P.A. We were on a trip here because Pacific climate equals best beach weather!" Mike's voice enthusiastically reaches a higher decibel than I thought was impossible for someone of his stature.
"Everyone comes for the same reason. Just wait until June rolls around. The desert heat transfers over and scorches everything." I told him, succumbing to the pleasant aura he was emitting. It almost made me forget the fact that he and his group kidnapped me. I forced the smile appearing on my face to go away. It's obvious he's trying to warm me up. Make me want to stay more. I can see all of your tricks.
"But it is June. Did you forget what month it was?" Embarrassment flooded my face and I could hear a snicker from Kyle. I quickly turn around and sock him in his face. He goes down without a fight.
"So... What do we do with him?" I ask. looking back at Mike who's enthusiasm has all but faded. 
"You'll find food in the recreation room in the fridge. Just sit in there while we get your stuff situated." He quickly disappears with an unconscious Kyle and an unpleasant sense of fear. I just shrug, calling it a job well done, and enter the recreation room to get some food.


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