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I ran and I ran. but there was seemingly nowhere to run off to. I could hear my mother's afraid voice somewhere in the distance. But where? It was night by now and I had no clue where I was going. The sounds of gunfire far off flood my ears. There were screams far off as well. I cover my ears and huddle in a little ball in the corner of the alleyway. My mother's voice was getting closer. So I called out. I couldn't tell if it was in my head or if it was the alley but my voice seemingly echoed. Like I was somewhere deep, or far, and I couldn't do anything. The moment I left the alleyway, I was done for. In the dark, the army nor the volunteers could tell the difference. 
So I stayed huddled. Cold, and wet, with the stench of weeks old food. Somehow, I was getting sleepy. In such a cold and dark place. How could one get sleepy? I remember being able to sleep anywhere but this seems to be a bit much. I sure hope Mom was safe. but in this chaos, I'm not so sure. I'll go looking for her in the morning. Or when I wake up. I'm sure no one will come looking for a teenage girl in an alleyway. Not that they would be looking for one in the first place.
Later, I woke up cold, damp, and miserable. I stood up with a slight headache and congestion in my nose. Where the hell did I end up this time? As my eyes adjusted and the blurriness disappearing I could see tall, concrete buildings to my left and right. The alleyway. Wasn't there something important? Oh right, my mother. But at the moment, I feel at ease. As if everything is alright. why am I not worrying? I should right? My mother is gone and I'm sleeping in an alley. That's a disaster. I'm sure.
I stepped out of the alley, questions in my head, when an awful stench wafted past my nose. Something rotting. I cover my nose and slowly peek out of the alleyway. There were crashed cars and fire as normal. But what caught me off guard were the dead bodies of the Volunteers. guns still in their hands. I look to me right and there was nothing. Just bullet casings and a single bloodied helmet from the military. I almost puke but swallow it. My mother taught me better. "She said mourning the deaths of those you don't know is the biggest waste of time"
I can't help but feel sympathy for them. But then again they are the reason Helevi is in ruins at the moment. I step over to the military helmet. I pick it up and dust it off, before tying one of the neck-straps with a  small rope to my belt strap. Could sell for money. I then continue walking on the sidewalk. Dodging the broken flaming cars and building rubble. My first objective should be finding Mother. I know she wouldn't abandon me so easily. My eyes drifted to the rooftops. She taught me how to navigate the towers of yesterday. It was fun though I fell many times. I didn't see her up there though. I tried the Walkie-Talkie I had. But it was water damaged. In frustration, I threw it to the ground. This was stupid. If I had any shred of reason she probably would be dead. That fight was pretty brutal. But still, I need something to hang on to.
I grabbed the tiny radio by the antenna and look at it dangling. When did we get this? a couple of years ago? When was the last time I even saw a functioning vehicle or a fully stocked store? When wasn't there a time when buildings weren't collapsing and the military had to drop supplies to people? I can't remember. After blindly walking for a while I find myself grasping at my stomach as it aches for food. That's when I heard the plane. Another airdrop? It doesn't sound like a military plane. The engine wasn't as deep and thunderous as the transport planes. Could it be?
My eyes quickly drift over to the direction where the outskirts of town were. There was a small rugged airport out there for plane enthusiasts. A dirt runway. But to think someone got something working...
My suspicions were confirmed when a single tiny scrawny plane slowly drifted into the runway with a few crates strapped to its sides. Someone got a plane working. They must have food of sorts. I bet those crates are the food. I almost slobbered on myself. I slap myself. I can't let hunger control me. With a bit of struggle I ran and climbed up a small gas station overlooking the airport. The plane was gone. Probably in one of the hangars. There were people now moving the crates into a building. It was just over the barbed wire fence and from here I could probably jump past and into it. I pondered the idea of taking some food to keep me going and just leaving. they won't know right?
I waited for them to leave while I was raking some confidence. I had always eaten stolen food. I didn't feel guilt. But I never stole the food myself. It was my mother who took that chance. Is that why I feel like something will go terribly wrong? My stomach reasoned otherwise, steeling my resolve. But they were just standing there. Talking probably. My hand hovered over the small baseball bat tied to my waste. It clunked against the helmet creating a nice metal ring. I could, but I had never swung one at a person. Much less have been in a fight. But before I decided to go at them they disappeared into a small building near where the crates. They left them out. Probably seeing if they have space? 
Well here goes nothing. What do I have to lose? My life? It already fell apart when 2049 rolled around. With a  single leap, I was in the air. But a gust of wind kicked me to the side. I wasn't going to make it. I tuck my legs in to try and get them over the barbs, but my pant leg caught on one. Pulling me straight into the fence. The force got my leg free and I hit my head on the hard-packed dirt. I yelped and quickly grab my head. With my headache, it made the pain worse.
I shut myself up. An awkward silence replied. Tears streamed down my cheek as I tried to hold back the sound. They heard. They definitely did. I scramble for the crates. Quick. I gotta grab something. Enough energy to run. But sadly. all there was in the crates were just bullets upon bullets. Where did they find them? 
The doorknob nearby was turning I almost screamed. My heart was jumping. Jumping... I look up. There was a small overhang. If I could. I back away and run to the wall. I plant my foot on it and pus myself towards the overhang. I grabbed onto it and pulled myself up once they opened the door. A tall, brawny man accompanied by a confident-looking woman walked out. 
"The stupid door and its locking on its own." The woman said with a sigh. She looked at the crates and closed the one I opened. I held a hand over my mouth as I peeked over. The adrenaline hadn't worn out yet.
"So did you hear a 'someone' or a rat?" The woman said with a laugh. the man rubbed the back of his head.
"I swore I heard a bang on the fence. As if someone ran into it. Couldn't have been a rat." He looked defeated and faced the fence."
"Look if someone wanted to attack they wouldn't hightail it after they found the motherload of gunpowder. Anyone would've taken one good look and attempt to beat the shit out of us for it. You know how hard it is to even find bullets?" The woman kept scolding but the man stayed silent. He then said something that almost made me scream.
"Look on the overhang." He said. Quiet. But menacing. I was very sure that he could grab my head with one hand and kill me. I very quickly crawled quietly away from the edge of the overhang. He looked this way. I could almost see his gaze cutting the air.
"The overhang? Why there? Who would even hide up there? It's covered in bird shit about 3 inches deep." Her voice had a hint of humor. Freaked I quickly look at my hands. it was true. they were covered in complete white. I almost shrieked. I silently cursed myself. But I was so scared I hadn't noticed. Luckily the ocean was nearby. I could wash off there. So no food. I would have to come back later clean. When they disappeared back inside the building after some more banter I dropped to the ground. My shoes made a disgusting squelch noise. I cursed under my breath and checked the other crate. There was some food. Some simple MREs and granola bars. I stuffed them into the upsidown helmet and ran over to the beach. I had to climb onto one of the hangars and hop over the fence. But I made it to the white sands eventually. Very quickly I stripped to my underwear and threw the infested clothing near the water. I had taken my belongings and food out beforehand. I crouched near my clothes and washed them off. The bird crap was dry so it wasn't easy to wash out. But once it turned sundown I was sitting watching the sunset with my clothes drying off on the fence while I was eating dried berries from a package.
It was serene. I had calmed down and I thoughts about mother had faded. It was almost normal. Besides the fact that I was cold again. The sea wind was cold. Though it was supposed to be summer. The weather here isn't consistent with the seasons. Because we have large mountains with a large sweltering desert behind them and an ocean that goes on for miles. I'm surprised that the Disunited Empires would even settle a colony out here. 
I went to go check on my clothes. With a full stomach, I could probably fall asleep. The sand here was actually very fine and soft. After grabbing and changing into my clothes I settled on the beach near a bush that blocked me from the airport. They had working lights here. Which is rare and a sign of luxury. I could possibly join them. But I had just stolen food from them. In my thoughts, I drifted away. Into the clutches of sleep.


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