You Know Read Count : 10

Category : Poems

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You know I like you, 
 I've been trying to tell you,
 (but I,..)
 Hesitate and just smile,
 (At you)
 Getting my words mixed up
 (I get mute)
 I'm so confused

 You have me tongue tied,
 (Oohh, my head spinning)
 Making  my heart pound,
(Oohh, my soul is singing)
 Time flies by
 (when you are here,)
 In our own world,
 (we disappear)
The room fills up with
 (contagious laughter)
 I think you know that,
(Your the one that I'm after)
Looking over at you
(And instant butterflies)
 Your A gent in DISGUISE ,
 (A king who will raise)


  • Jun 22, 2020

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